Goa gets ready for Easter, Cardinal Ferrao extends warm greetings

Churches across Goa to hold Easter vigil followed by midnight services
Cardinal Ferrao extends warm greetings
Cardinal Ferrao extends warm greetings Photo: Gomantak Times

Notwithstanding the blistering heat on Saturday, parishes across Goa were seen gearing up to celebrate midnight Easter Sunday services.

Even though Goa is seeing a rise in Covid cases, it seems to be the new normal and will in no way affect the midnight or next day's services in the churches.

Cardinal Ferrao extends warm greetings
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For those in Goa, who observe the 40 days of fasting and abstinence, Easter is a very special day. The 40-day season of fasting and abstinence (Lent) began on Ash Wednesday.

Today, most of the churches will begin the Easter vigil between 10 pm and 11 pm. At the end of the vigil, all lights in the church are put out by 11 pm after which a new flame is kept on the altar as a symbol of the risen Lord.

Cardinal Ferrao extends warm greetings
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Meanwhile, the head of the Catholic church in Goa, Cardinal Filipe Neri Ferrao, has extended his warm Easter greetings to the people.

In his Easter message, Ferrao said, "On this Easter day, I would like to extend my cordial greetings to all those who believe in the triumph of Jesus over death and evil and His promise of eternal life."

"This is what we celebrate today, that Christ did not end up in the tomb, but that He rose from the dead, making us sharers in His new life. Easter encourages us to infuse our society with the newness of life and purpose," he said.

Cardinal Ferrao extends warm greetings
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"The Risen Lord invites us to offer hope and support to the needy, the dejected, the outcast and those who live on the peripheries," he emphasised.

"As I send out my wishes for a happy and grace-filled Easter, I pray that all of us, living in this beautiful State of Goa, may join together in building a society wherein the interests of others will reign above our own interests. May we be challenged to be genuine agents of peace, understanding and goodwill," he said.

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