Patriotic Organisation opposes Cristiano Ronaldo statue in Calangute

Calangute MLA Michael Lobo announced the erection of the Cristiano Ronaldo statue in August 2018.
Cristiano Ronaldo statue in Calangute. 

Cristiano Ronaldo statue in Calangute. 

The local patriotic organisation has strongly opposed the erection of a half-sized statue of Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo in the Calangute panchayat area.

Meanwhile, a special meeting has been convened on Tuesday evening to express vehement opposition to the resolution passed.

"This statue is of a player from the Portugal, a regime that ruled over Goa for ages," said Prashant Rasayakar, Patriotic Committee.

Meanwhile, Rasayakar said in the press release that the Patriotic Committee has no objection to the installation of a statue of Bruno Coutinho, an Arjuna Award winner who is the heir of a freedom fighter and is a native of Calangute.

Many self-respecting patriots have been strongly requested to attend the meeting called on Tuesday.

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