Som Yag Yadnya festival 2023.
Som Yag Yadnya festival 2023.

Som Yag Yadnya begins tomorrow in Mapusa

An initiative of Gomantak-Sakal Media Group

Mapusa will reverberate with Vedic chants from Sunday, February 5, morning as Goa is set to witness Som Yag Yadnya which is being organised by the Sakal Media group.

The six-day long yadnya will conclude on February 10 in the morning with Avaghrit Snan (ritualistic bath).

Som Yag Yadnya festival 2023.
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The last such yadnya was conducted in 2017 in the same city, according to Somayaji Suhota Deepak Apte, one of the 17 priests who will take part in the rituals on all six days near the Bodgeshwar temple in Mapusa.

Known as Agnishtom Mahasomayaga, the major objective of this ritual is to create positive energy, purification of the environment and bring peace of mind and spiritual satisfaction to the participating members.

Som Yag Yadnya festival 2023.
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The yadnya will end at 7 pm every day. Interestingly, the results of this six-day exercise will be evaluated on a scientific basis to know its effect on the environment.

Som Yag Yadnya is a ritual of offerings accompanied by chanting of Vedic mantras derived from the practice in Vedic times.

Som Yag Yadnya festival 2023.
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Due to yadnya fumes and overall process, it affects environmental elements; hence its effects on oxides of sulphur and nitrogen were studied as they are the major air pollutants.

Somyaji Suhota Deepak Dixit Apte, village priest of Mapusa, will host this Somayaga.

Som Yag Yadnya festival 2023.
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Mahaprasad has been arranged in the afternoon for every devotee who attends the Somayaga.

The tradition of yadnya is very ancient in Goa, which is known as the land of Lord Parasurama. An initiative has been taken through this yadnya to revive this tradition and preserve the culture of sacrifice.

Som Yag Yadnya festival 2023.
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The Gomantak-Sakal Media Group has urged that maximum number of Goans should partake in the yadnya.

Chaitanya paduka of Paramasadguru Sri Gajanan Maharaj (Shivpuri) will arrive at the yadnya site from the gurupeeth of Sri Swami Samarth Chinmay Paduka Math Gurumandir (Sri Balappa Math) at Akkalkot.

Som Yag Yadnya festival 2023.
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Paramasadguru has given the message of house-to-house Agnihotra (sacred fire) for the welfare of the world from this Gurupeeth.

Today, the followers of Paramasadguru perform Agnihotra in more than 65 countries and the palanquin of Chaitanya paduka will arrive in Goa from this holy Gurupeeth with the same message.

The Gurupeetha has appealed to as many devotees as possible to come and seek the darshan of these padukas.

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