Visiting Goa during the monsoons? Stay safe with this advisory

Drishti issues advisory for the monsoon season in Goa, from June to September
Drishti issues advisory for the monsoon in Goa
Drishti issues advisory for the monsoon in Goa Gomantak Times

Many visitors flock to Goa to enjoy the monsoons. The state wears an altogether different look during the rains, and various scenic locations are a sight to behold at this times of year, which beckon holiday-makers to Goa. And, if you're one of those planning a trip to Goa to enjoy the monsoons, then you definitely need to know the newly-issued advisory by lifeguarding agency, Drishti.

With over 400 lifeguards, 'Drishti' has been guarding Goa's coast for a long time, and has been involved in ensuring safety at the beach.

Drishti issues advisory for the monsoon in Goa
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Operations Head, Drishti Marine, Navin Awasthi said, "Pre-monsoon showers have already hit Goa. We have placed red flags at all the beaches to indicate that the area is not suitable for swimming."

"Even wading in the waters is not advised. Our team of lifeguards, stationed along the coast, is keeping an eye on the weather. The team has been trained to perform rescues even in the bad weather," added Awasthi.

Drishti issues advisory for the monsoon in Goa
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During the monsoon season, the ocean currents are strong and the wave height and intensity is extremely high. Therefore, care needs to be taken in the vicinity of these areas. Avoid going to rocky areas, cliffs and hills, as these can get very, very slippery, advised the authority.

Furthermore, during the months of June to September, river bathing, including watersports, is prohibited in Goa.

Drishti issues advisory for the monsoon in Goa
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Drishti's essential safety tips to be followed during the monsoons in Goa:

1. Do not to venture onto the beach. Even wading in the waters is not advisable.

2. Wear a mask and maintain social distancing at all times.

3. Those visiting the beach should keep a minimum of 10 metres from the waterline, and listen to the instructions given by the lifesavers.

4. Keep a very close eye on children while on the beach, and do not allow them to venture into the waters unattended, no matter how shallow the water may be.

5. Be on the alert as lifesavers, patrolling on the beach, make announcements to alarm and educate people via the public address system put up on their jeeps.

Drishti issues advisory for the monsoon in Goa
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6. It is not suitable to head out to the beach or venture into the water during lightning and thunder storms because lightning can pose a very real danger.

7. Do not get onto the rocks during low tide because the rocks get extremely slippery and mossy during the monsoon season.

8. It is not advisable to swim or to engage in any water sports activities at the beach during the monsoons, from June to September, because even though the sea may seem calm, a sudden large wave can sneak up on you and drag you into deep waters without warning.

9. When under the influence of alcohol, make sure you do not venture into the water.

10. Always read and obey the safety signs found at the main entrance of the beach.

Drishti issues advisory for the monsoon in Goa
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