Want to know more about the Bandicoot robot?

The machine is designed so as to ensure the safety of manual scavengers and sanitation workers
The bandicoot robot
The bandicoot robot

The Public Works Department, Panjim, (PWD) is all set to take charge
of the 'Bandicoot' robot from the Corporation of the City of Panaji
(CCP) to help the latter clean sewer manholes across the capital city.

A source from the CCP said that the robot was in its yard and the same
would be handed over to the Public Works Department (Sewage) once an
agreement is signed.

The bandicoot robot
Robot to clean Panjim's sewer manholes


‘Bandicoot’ is a robotic machine that is engineered for cleaning any
type of sewer manholes. It consists of two major units, a stand unit
and a robotic drone unit. The drone unit dives into manholes for
cleaning or unblocking operations. The diving depth of the robotic
drone is customizable according to the maximum depth specified.

Add-on features like a nano coating, in addition to powder coating
surface treatment process, enables the robot to perform its operation
in any hazardous or corrosive sewerage environment effectively for
long periods of time. Bandicoot's cleaning operations are more
efficient than humans in terms of time.

The drone unit is equipped with an extendable robotic arm which can
perform grabbing, shovelling and unblocking actions inside manholes.
To gain stability while performing these actions, the robotic drones
are designed with four expandable legs.

The bandicoot robot
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The machine will completely eliminate the need for personnel to go
down manholes to clean sewage. It has several features like cameras,
gas detectors, etc that help in safely cleaning manholes in any area.

One operator is needed to operate a joystick that controls the
operation. An operator is stationed on a machine control panel placed
above the manhole to be cleaned. However, two labourers are required
to do generic activities.

The bandicoot robot
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The innovative robot has been developed by Genrobotic Innovations Pvt
Ltd, Kerala, which has supplied the machine to several states. The
company is the only manufacturer of the robot in Asia and has received
several awards for it.

The company has engineered ‘Bandicoot’ to improve the safety of
workers, making it the 'perfect solution' that complies with the
Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation Act, 2013 to eliminate

The bandicoot robot
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