Hey Goa! FIFA World Cup Qatar on your mind? Check out this WhatsApp group for accommodation and more

Goan Social Workers Qatar (GSWQ) is all set to host fans, provide assistance and ensure visitors have a memorable sojourn
FIFA World Cup assistance for Goans
FIFA World Cup assistance for GoansGomantak Times

Goans love football and there is no doubt about it! For the love of sports, Goan fans will travel to any corner of the world just to experience this sport. And, when it is the FIFA World Cup, we are sure no one would want to miss it. And so, the Goan Social Workers Qatar (GSWQ) group started a WhatsApp group which provides assistance to any Goan fans travelling to Doha for Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The WhatsApp group provides information pertaining to accommodation, clarification and assistance prior to arriving in Qatar, local transportation, and emergency help.

FIFA World Cup assistance for Goans
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The convenor of the group, John Desa said, "As the World Cup is being hosted in Qatar from November, most of the hotels are running full and the government has given a go ahead for people to ‘Host a fan’, and we know Goans love to watch FIFA and they travel to any part of the world for it.”

This initiative by Goan Social Workers Qatar (GSWQ) will provide accommodation in the homes of Goan families. “They can book their tickets for the match and apply for the 'Hayya' digital card. We will then arrange accommodation for them, and also sightseeing, local transport, etc."

To apply for the Hayya card, a person will need to first have tickets for the and a secured accommodation. “They can contact us and we will look out for the accommodation," added Desa.

FIFA World Cup assistance for Goans
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He also said that prior to the WhatsApp Group creation, they were getting a lot of queries regarding the same, and this prompted them to help fellow Goans to make their stay in Qatar a memorable one by reaching out to them and providing assistance.

Desa also said that they are into many other social activities. "The 10-member group works towards the welfare of Goans in Qatar. There are women in our group who go to prisons, hospitals, etc. Even if a Goan is in need of money and is in crisis, we reach out to them," said he.

The group was actively involved in helping Goans during the pandemic to help them reach home safely, provide stay and other assistance. "The Qatar Goan community has been constantly supporting and helping us due to which we are able to work towards the betterment of the people," he said.

The group members include Carol Gonsalves, Perpetua Pereira, Tina Fernandes, Seby Mascarenhas, Martin Mascarenhas, Anton Joao Vaz, Armstrong Vaz, Mauricio Pereira, George Fernandes and John Desa.


To join the group click this link:



Mauricio Pereira: +974 55817812

John Desa :+974 55605755

Perpetua Pereira: +974 50047684

FIFA World Cup assistance for Goans
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