Goa Velha's 'Santachem Pursanv': An enduring tradition of devotion

Experience the unique tradition of the 'Santachem Pursanv' (procession of saints) that takes place in Goa Velha during Lent

The 'Santachem Pursanv' or the 'procession of saints' is a unique tradition that takes place in the village of Goa Velha during Lent. On the occasion, statues of 31 saints, placed on special charols (a kind of palanquin), are taken around in a grand procession along a fixed route, while the life of each saint is read aloud. Prayers are recited, and hymns are sung throughout.

Among these are some of the most revered saints like St Anthony, St Miguel, St Roque, St Joseph Vaz and St Francis Xavier. Each person patiently awaits his or her turn to seek the intercession of the saint.

The tradition of 'Santachem Pursanv' has a long history, dating back to the 17th century, and continues to be observed and upheld by the local community to this day.

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