Princess Diana complimented this chef's risotto

Chef Mosimann is celebrated for his cuisine 'naturelle' style of cooking
Chef Anton Mosimann speaking to the audience.
Chef Anton Mosimann speaking to the audience. Gomantak Times

There is a section of Goan women that still sport the iconic hairstyle inspired by Princess Diana even to this day. Although the beautiful lady passed away years ago, she lives on in the way she is emulated by many.

Although almost every detail of her life is available on the internet, this little culinary revelation travelled to Goa this January with Chef Anton Mosimann to the V. M. Salgaocar Institute of International Hospitality Education (VMSIIHE) in Manora, Raia.

Chef Anton Mosimann speaking to the audience.
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This chef has cooked not only for Princess Diana but also for the British royal family, which confirms that his food is royalty approved! “Princess Diana would visit my restaurant, and I remember her complimenting my recipe for risotto,” he shared.

He made a tremendous impression on the royals. Chef Mosimann was entrusted with the honour and responsibility of curating the banquet for one of the biggest weddings that 2011 saw, the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Chef Anton Mosimann speaking to the audience.
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“I was in Paris when I received a call inviting me to curate and execute a menu for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding. Each time I’ve prepared food for the royal family, it has been a special experience. The family is quite particular about a light and healthy diet, which is why I’m guessing they took a liking to my food. I believe my cooking style cuisine naturelle places an emphasis on health as it limits the use of alcohol and fat,” explained the Swiss chef.

Chef Anton Mosimann speaking to the audience.
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He also offered his services at Buckingham Palace during Queen Elizabeth's diamond jubilee in 2012.

In 2016, a museum that reflects Mosimann’s life and culinary arts was opened in the César Ritz Colleges in Switzerland. That is where the collaboration with VMSIIHE alumni happened, and today, both colleges have signed an MOU which allows graduates from VMSIIHE to pursue higher education in Switzerland. 

The lighting of the lamp ceremony at VMSIIHE.
The lighting of the lamp ceremony at VMSIIHE.

The awardee of the Swiss Culinary Merit of Honor 2021 set foot on the VMSIIHE campus on January 7, 2023, shared his experiences and enlightened the hospitality and culinary students by making some of his best recipes like Risotto ai funghi, Symphonie de fruits de Mer and steamed fillet of seabass with sauce vierge. 

“I love visiting Goa. This time, I was given such a resounding welcome by the students and faculty of VMSIIHE that I even felt myself getting a little emotional. The students I’ve met here are eager to learn and have a sense of discipline which is very important in the hospitality and culinary industry. I hope through my interaction with them I was able to inspire them and give them a push in the right direction,” added the restaurateur.

Chef Anton Mosimann speaking to the audience.
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About Indian cuisine, he said, “Indian cuisine will always have a special place in my heart. My favourite restaurant in London is all about Indian food. People say it’s too spicy, but I don’t mind it. Spicier the better for me. Indian cuisine is very popular globally and I have seen the increase in its popularity over the course of the past few years because there are so many Indian restaurants coming up in every country. People love how different it is and how its flavours stand out from other kinds of food.”

Chef Anton Mosimann speaking to the audience.
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Professor Irfan Mirza, Director and Principal of VMSIIHE, says, “It seems like a dream come true to have someone like Chef Mosimann on our campus. I wholeheartedly believe in learning by example and through this visit, we are giving our students an opportunity to meet and interact with a man who is a master at what he does and is one of the most inspiring figures I know. We are honoured to host Chef Mosimann and learn from his success and expertise.” 

Chef Anton Mosimann speaking to the audience.
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Representatives of India, VMSIIHE, welcomed the Swiss chef with the traditional aarti and did not let him go without having him savour cuisines of multiple states under the title of “Indian Food Theatre” at the gala dinner that was hosted by the institute.

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