Why not add a little Makabi to your night in Goa?

There's a new flavour in town -- 'Makabi' Coconut White Rum and cocktails
Newest introduction to Goa's drinks  'Makabi'
Newest introduction to Goa's drinks 'Makabi'Gomantak Times

Done trying out Goa's hottest drinks, feni and urrak? Then, check out the newest introduction – Makabi. A locally made coconut white rum, which is the newest introduction from one of Goa’s most reputed alcohol manufacturers, Tonia Liquor Industries, Raia.

Newest introduction to Goa's drinks  'Makabi'
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'Makabi Nights' will feature a wide range of cocktails along with its signature cocktails like 'Wild Knight', 'Serious Trouble' and 'Fancy Moves' having a Goan vibe.

“Our lives are going to change with Makabi Nights! It's more fun nights to party, fun nights to enjoy and fun nights to bring out the essence of Goa,” said director of Tonia Group, Mario Sequeira.

The flavorful drink introduced by Tonia Group
The flavorful drink introduced by Tonia GroupPhoto: Rohan Fernandes


The flavourful drink, Makabi, is a product which comes from the sons of the soil of Goa. The Tonia Group was established way back in 1971 by Dr Antonio Sequeira.

"We are very proud of our heritage in the liquor industry, which started out with the local drink, feni," said Sequeira.

Newest introduction to Goa's drinks  'Makabi'
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The product came about with the aim of giving tourists a taste of Goa. Sequeira said, "Makabi is basically creativity with Goanness. It was my father’s ambition to give Goans and tourists something related to the coconut. Today, Makabi is all set to win the hearts of partygoers.”

Some of the finest cocktails churned out using Makabi
Some of the finest cocktails churned out using MakabiPhoto: Rohan Fernandes


The director further added that they have churned out some of the best cocktails with India’s best mixologists involved in putting this together.

With various new introductions, the emerging Coconut White Rum brand, Makabi, and the reputed liquor manufacturers, Tonia Liquor Industries are all set to grow globally.

Photo: Rohan Fernandes


One can check out the www.tonia.in website which showcases the wide array of products which the company has been creating since the early '70s.

And, there are many companies in various industries that are showing potential investors a highly profitable avenue and place to invest in Goan companies.

In the near future, Goan companies can aspire to be listed on the NSE and NYSE with Makabi raring to go global.    

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