Som Yag Yadnya 2023: The significance of ‘Yadnya’

God’s consciousness should be seen in ‘Agni’ or fire
The word 'Yadnya' means offering worship.
The word 'Yadnya' means offering worship.


Yadnya is the worship of all the elements of God, the five mahabhuta of nature, through fire. 

Yadnya is the way to achieve the integration of our inner self-consciousness with the universal consciousness by burning medicinal ingredients along with the chanting of Sanskrit-origin Vedic mantras

The word 'Yadnya' means offering worship.
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Derived originally from yajdhatu, the word Yadnya means offering worship. It is interesting to note that the first word of the Rigveda is “Agni”.

Natasya pratima asti

It is difficult to create an image of God’s consciousness. The Vedas consider this God’s energy, knowledge and light. According to the Vedas, God is an enlightened energy that is present in the atoms and molecules of creation.

The word 'Yadnya' means offering worship.
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Ishavasyamidam sarv

All living and non-living creation emerge from God’s energy. This is why the Vedas have given godship to nature in panchamahabhuta form. 

Two main sources of energy in nature are the sun in the sky and fire on the earth. This is the reason they are considered a reflection of God. The rhythmic cycle of nature is controlled through these two sources.

The word 'Yadnya' means offering worship.
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The Vedas have asserted that one can achieve unity with God’s energy through fire due to its life-giving, illuminating and protective qualities.

Agnimile purohitm

The major expositional subject of the Vedas is Yadnya, or fire worship. This is what Lord Krishna says in the Gita.

The word 'Yadnya' means offering worship.
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Sah yajna praja srushtava purobaachya prajaptihi

God has created life along with fire. 

Yajnen yajnymayjant devastani dharmani prthamanyasan

God’s attained godliness through the worship of the fire form of God.

The regular practice of Yadnya helps humans and living beings remain happy and healthy by keeping the cycle of creation running smoothly. 

The word 'Yadnya' means offering worship.
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Yadnya is closely related to nature and life, so burning masandi in the sacrificial fire creates an attitude of negativity and destruction, and burning natural herbs, etc creates positivity, happiness, harmony and sanctity.

 In 1969, after thousands of years, Paramsadguru Shri Gajanan Maharaj once again revived the tradition of Shuddhikar Yadnya by organising the pure Vedic Mahasomayaga at Shivpuri, Akkalkot.

The word 'Yadnya' means offering worship.
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(The author is an MD of Ayurveda and the president of Guru Mandir, Balappa Math, Akkalkot and Vishwa Foundation. He is also the grandson of Shri Gajanan Maharaj, Shivpuri, Akkalkot)

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