5 scenic locations in Goa for that perfect Propose Day

Are you old school and believe in going down on your knees and proposing to your beloved, this Valentine's Day or Propose Day?
5 scenic location in Goa for propose day
5 scenic location in Goa for propose dayGomantak Times

It is that time of the year, when love is in the air. No, these aren't our words, but the pages of the calendar have just turned to February -- the month of love, love and love! Valentine's Week is here!

And, if you're someone who is looking to make the best out of the month of February, then take this opportunity of Propose Day and express your love at these locations in Goa.

The reason we say Goa is just the place for you to express your emotions and love is simply because there is a place for every type of person in this state.

If you're crush is into nature, environment and scenery, there is an endless number of scenic locations. Also, if you think you want to bring a little adventure and propose to your partner in a unique manner, then you need to check out our list of places that can make your proposal special and different.


If you're planning to go down on your knees this time and pull out the ring from you pocket, then this is just the place for you.

Surrounded by sea, rocks and white sand, Cabo de Rama will not disappoint you. It is one of the most scenic locations and a perfect getaway spot to express your emotions to your loved one.

Cabo De Rama in South Goa
Cabo De Rama in South GoaPhoto: Rohan Fernandes

You can either walk down to the beach or head to the Cabo de Rama fort. Evening is the best time to simply sit by the shore with your feet in the sand and experience the waves hitting the shore.

And, amidst this view, simply take the opportunity and say those magic words....

DISTANCE: Panjim to Cabo de Rama - 63.2 km

BEST TIME TO VISIT: Early morning and evening. Afternoon isn't an ideal time because of the scorching sun.


5 scenic location in Goa for propose day
Forget Bali and Kerala! Goa has it all....


If you're up for an adventurous ride and want to spend quality time with your partner at a quiet spot, then Cola Beach is just the place for you. You can simply take a kayak in the river that's near the beach or take a walk on the serene beach.

Cola is not just quiet but secluded from the noisy city life. Mornings and evenings are the perfect time to go there. You can book rooms and spend a day on the beach itself.

Allow Cola beach to make it memorable and special for you and your partner!

DISTANCE: Panjim to Cola Beach - 68.6 km

BEST TIME TO VISIT: Early morning and evening.


Cola Beach in South Goa
Cola Beach in South Goa Photo: Rohan Fernandes


As you drive towards Verem, the stretch approaching the Reis Magos fort and the church is picturesque, with the historic structure on one side and the river on the other.

If your partner is into history and has an eye for architecture, then take them for a walk at the fort as you read about the fort, and let your partner be convinced that you kind of know where they are coming from. After that, you can plan out a nice way to put forth your expression and thoughts to them.

Reis Magos fort, Goa
Reis Magos fort, Goa Photo: Rohan Fernandes

The Reis Magos Church is one of its kind as there are a flights of several steps leading to the church. Also, you can sit by the river in the evening and get the conversations started!

You could walk down to the beach and do a small setup with some hearts and lights and propose in quite a romantic way.

DISTANCE: Panjim to Reis Magos fort - 9.3 km

BEST TIME TO VISIT: 9.30am to 5 pm from Tuesday to Saturday. Closed on Mondays.

FORT ENTRY:  ₹50 (adults), ₹ 25 (students), ₹ 10 (on Sundays)

5 scenic location in Goa for propose day
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Stashed between a village and tourist spot, is Agonda beach. On one side is the picture of local life, while on the other, are touristy stalls.

Agonda has some nice hostels, cafes and hang out spots lined up, including typical hippie and boho-themed cafes and hang out areas.

Book a shack or hut at Agonda and spend a day with your partner. Prepare a cozy, romantic set up by the beach and let your emotions and actions say it all.

DISTANCE: Panjim to Agonda Beach - 72.5 km

BEST TIME TO VISIT: Early morning to late evening


Agonda Beach in South Goa
Agonda Beach in South Goa Photo: Rohan Fernandes


This is one of Goa's most beautiful islands. What is interesting is that in order to reach the island, one needs to hop on the ferry which will transport you to the island of Divar.

The entrance is not just scenic, but mesmerizing, too, with the river on one side and the narrow winding road on the other.

Ferry ride to Divar island
Ferry ride to Divar island Gomantak Times

The island has rich heritage and history. One could simply spend time exploring the island or spending time watching village life in Goa unwind.

DISTANCE: Panjim to Divar island - 12.2 km

BEST TIME TO VISIT: Anytime (avoid the afternoons)

ENTRY FEE:  For the ferry (₹10 for a car)

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