How to carpool in Goa via this whatsapp group

Hitching a ride in Goa via this group will not only save you a bit of cash, but also do the environment some good
Carpool in Goa
Carpool in Goa Gomantak Times

Most individuals dream of owning a vehicle, like a scooter or car, just like owning a house. While they may be a status symbol and allow individuals to roam around freely, they also affect the environment greatly.

About 85% of the greenhouse gases contributing towards global warming come from vehicle use and they also harm our health. The Department of Ecology, Washington, states, “Burning gasoline and diesel fuel creates harmful byproducts like nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, benzene and formaldehyde.”

Carpool in Goa
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According to the Financial Express, Maruti Suzuki cars have a CO2 emission of 109.5 gram per km and average fuel consumption of less than 5 litres for a distance of 100 km. On the other hand, Toyota Kirloskar Motors has an average carbon dioxide (CO2) emission of 160.7 g/km and consumes around 7 litres of fuel for a 100-km distance. Surprisingly, two wheelers have a similar emission.

Cars carrying an individual, or two, also take up a lot of space compared to a bike carrying to or a cycle carrying one. But, sometimes having your own vehicle is the only alternative in regions that are not connected well with public transport and have strong weather conditions. In places like Goa, carpooling or bike pooling is the best way out.

Carpool in Goa
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The Car&Bike Pool Goa groups on WhatsApp and Telegram were started by Naresh Shetti and Naresh Dsouza on April 28, 2022. The purpose was to connect people who were willing to share a ride as per their convenience. The WhatsApp group now has 254 participants whereas the telegram one has 77. It has been busy since it started with a lot of questions and requests.

Soaring petrol prices, air pollution, congested roads, parking issues, expensive and challenging transportation were the inspirations behind starting this group.

Carpool in Goa
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So, if you are a vehicle owner and travelling, you can put this up on the group and find out if anyone would like to join you on your route. The owner and the pillions are welcome to share the costs. Whereas if you are planning to travel, you can put the details on the group and see if anyone else who is travelling on the same route would like to join you.

Most requests are usually about travelling from North Goa, like Siolim or Candolim, to Mapusa or Panjim.

The group is non-commercial and the founders do not benefit monetarily. Any form of promotion nor paid transportation ads are allowed here. Naresh Shetti says, “Ride sharing is an amazing networking activity.”

Carpool in Goa
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Garima Tiwari, a PR and events professional, a member of the group shares, “I joined the group right when I heard of it. I think it is a brilliant initiative that someone has taken in recent times to beat the crazy sky high cab fare in Goa. It connects people to help each other out. I know people who have benefited from the group, although I haven't been able to share a ride with anyone so far. Sometimes, I have posted for rides, but that day no one was riding towards my direction. Not to forget, this idea also saves fuel, helps reduce traffic and pollution in our beautiful Goa.”

Carpool in Goa
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So, the next time you are in Goa and have room to hitch a ride, join the group and request a ride.


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