Treating a whimper with first aid, first!

A veterinarian-certified first aid kit that you can administer to your pet in an emergency
Being able to provide first aid makes all the difference.
Being able to provide first aid makes all the difference. Gomantak Times

Every child can testify that if they ever happened to fall sick, the first thing that their parent would ask them would be, “Tell me what exactly is happening so I can help.” After which, the child would try to explain where it hurts and how they are feeling. 

The parent would then instinctively proceed to provide first aid to help their little one feel better. This is a universal practice, and somehow, they always know exactly what will work. 

Be it a stomach ache or a dry cough, local home remedies, or ones that mean midnight runs to the nearest 24-hour pharmacy, the advantage of knowing what will help guarantees instant relief and makes life a whole lot easier. 

But, while human beings can speak and share, what about the voiceless animals that often suffer in silence, not being able to answer to, “Tell me what exactly is happening so I can help”?

Being able to provide first aid makes all the difference.
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And, while some animals are blessed to have a warm home and a caring “paw-rent”, there are often others that have to fend for themselves on the cruel streets.

Beaten, abused and sometimes victims of horrendous accidents, these animals are left to die on the streets. It is only a matter of time before they often accept their fate and curl into a tiny ball of fur as they moan and wipe their own tear-filled eyes hoping it stops hurting soon.  

Being able to provide first aid makes all the difference.
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It is in times like these that a kind human is Godsend, and being able to provide first aid makes all the difference.  

“I feel it is every human’s fundamental duty to help any animal in distress. The basic thing that you can do in a situation where there are no veterinary facilities available is to give the animal first aid so that you can provide some immediate pain relief until the proper veterinary help is given,” explained veterinary Dr Aayushi Shetye (BVSc & AH)

Being able to provide first aid makes all the difference.
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Embracing her love for animals, Dr Aayushi runs a clinic in Porvorim known as Dr Paws Veterinary Clinic and also works as a shelter vet. Today, she has also been kind enough to provide a veterinarian-certified guide to first aid for animals. The guide can be used to ease the pain until medical care arrives.


Injured animals are often in shock, which is why it is extremely important to handle the situation carefully, gently and slowly. 

  • Assess the situation (traffic, crowd etc.).

  • Assess the animal and try to get a sense of whether it is approachable or not.

  • Approach the animal carefully and try to reduce intimidation so the animal does not feel threatened by you. 


  • Medical gloves

  • Cotton

  • Gauze roll or bandage pads

  • Micropore surgical tape

  • Betadine liquid

  • Ivermectin injection for maggot wounds

  • Forceps or tweezers to clean the wound

  • Thermometer

  • Scavon or D-mag spray as a fly repellent

  • Neosporin powder or HIMAX Ayurveda ointment as an antiseptic 

  • Syringes (5ml/10ml) to flush wounds

  • Nail clippers

Being able to provide first aid makes all the difference.
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  • Remember not to administer paracetamol to a cat. 

  • Refrain from using Savlon for wound cleaning in cats.

  • Do not use Gotbac/Negasunt/Dmag in cats.      

Many have confirmed that happiness is found in helping others. But, close to nothing beats the feeling of contentment when the "thank you" sounds less like two words and more like four paws that refuse to leave your side, accompanied by a happy dance and unlimited sloppy kisses from an animal has now dedicated its life to you.

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