Enjoy diverse food at these 5 cool cafes in Porvorim

Discover a fresh blend of flavors at these cafes in Porvorim, Goa to satisfy your taste buds
Cool cafes to try in Porvorim, Goa.
Cool cafes to try in Porvorim, Goa.


If you're looking for a good view for clicking pictures to make your Instagram feed look great or whether you're seeking a cozy spot to unwind with a cup of coffee or crave for delectable treats to satisfy your taste buds, Porvorim has it all.

These 5 cafes in Porvorim with its thriving café culture, offer a diverse range of culinary experiences that cater to every taste and preference. Coffee addicts or pastry lovers should visit these cafes at least once.

Cool cafes to try in Porvorim, Goa.
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Looking for a café with a cozy, unique, and peaceful environment, then Café Robusta is the right place for you. This café is located in a quaint corner of Porvorim.

Café Robusta at Porvorim
Café Robusta at Porvorim Photo: Siya Chodankar

You will find a variety of delicious options to choose from the menu which include freshly brewed coffee, delicious sandwiches and pizzas. The ambience is fantastic and the pool-side view adds more beauty to the café.

Cool cafes to try in Porvorim, Goa.
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If you are a type of person who loves going on solo dates or maybe a family guy, Casa JeRi is the perfect place. This café is not just perfect to work from, but also allows one to enjoy a nice cozy time with their loved ones.

Casa JeRi in Porvorim
Casa JeRi in Porvorim Photo: Siya Chodankar

The mocktails here are a must to try and also other items like pizza and baos. The infrastructure is designed in a pretty and aesthetic manner which definitely forces you to click pictures for your new IG post.

Cool cafes to try in Porvorim, Goa.
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This coffee shop goes by its name “de-stress' because as soon as you step in here, you are definitely not going to feel “de” stress anymore. The interiors of this cafe are more modern which the Gen Z like.

At the popular De Stress café.
At the popular De Stress café. Photo: Siya Chodankar

One should try out the coffee here, the variety in their menu will leave you confused on what to order. This cafe has tech advantage for the introverts, who are shy to talk. There is a device on the table which can be used to call the waiter to place an order, ask for water and bill.

To cure your boredom, the cafe also has games and books to keep yourself entertained.

Cool cafes to try in Porvorim, Goa.
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For all the tea lovers out there, did you know there are different types of kulhad chai? Yes, kulhad chai in rose, masala, mango, pan and so many other flavors.

Try out some amazing Kulhad chai at Baithack in Porvorim, Goa
Try out some amazing Kulhad chai at Baithack in Porvorim, Goa Photo: Siya Chodankar

Baithack is not a big place, but its interiors are well designed to a theme. Also, its comfy sitting arrangement and a friendly surrounding allow you to enjoy delicious food served here.

Other snacks like pasta, pizza, sandwich and burgers are also a must-try. To keep up with its theme, Baithack has introduced kulhad pizza. To all the chai lovers, this is right place to be.

Cool cafes to try in Porvorim, Goa.
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Goan food is everyone's favorite and so is Café Bytes n Bites. This café maintains the local touch and flavors to its food.

Cutlet pao at Bytes N Bites
Cutlet pao at Bytes N Bites Photo: Instagram/Cafe Bytes N Bites

The ‘cutlet pao’ here is always served fresh. The place also has other food options like the matka biryani and pizza. It's located away from the hustle and bustle so that you can enjoy your meal peacefully.

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