Goa tiatr review: Tiatr 'Chint Monxea Vogot Astana'

Jose/Evon’s latest tiatr, ‘Chint Monxea Vogot Astana’, is the all too familiar story of senior citizens and their ungrateful children
Jose/Evon’s newest tiatr is 'Chint Monxea Vogot Astana'
Jose/Evon’s newest tiatr is 'Chint Monxea Vogot Astana'Gomantak Times

If due recognition fails to turn up for all the sacrifices made by parents towards their children, then the same fate could dawn in the lives of the ungrateful offspring, too.

This has been depicted in Jose/Evon's latest tiatr production is titled Chint Monxea Vogot Astana. and a note of caution follows at the end of the show.


The story is about an aged and ailing mother (Pritam Pai) and her two sons David (Anif) and Julio (Saby), who reside with her under the same roof. Her only daughter Succorine (Evon) is married and resides at her husband’s place.

A scene from Jose/Evon’s lates tiatr 'Chint Monxea Vogot Astana'
A scene from Jose/Evon’s lates tiatr 'Chint Monxea Vogot Astana'Mario Pires

David is married and stays with his wife Annie (Flacksy) and teen son Eldrich (Joah Carvalho). Julio resides with his son Quiton (Quiton). Succorin (Evon) has two sons, Clinton (Stancio) and Tyson (Oswin).

On account of old age and illness, the sons ill-treat their mother. Her daughter-in-law Annie instigates her husband to dump his mother in the old age home. Fortunately, the mother receives due attention from her only daughter. And, the woman also receives love and affection from her grandchildren.

'Chint Monxea Vogot Astana' is the latest tiatr from Jose/Evon
'Chint Monxea Vogot Astana' is the latest tiatr from Jose/Evon Mario Pires

Observing the ill-treatment meted out on his ailing granny, Eldrich is daring and fights back with his opponents with bold dialogues.

As the daughter is aware of the ill-treatment towards her mother, Succorine makes continuous visits and that gesture leaves her two brothers wary. They presume that she is greedy for the ancestral property, but that is not the case.

Jose/Evon’s newest tiatr is 'Chint Monxea Vogot Astana'
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For all the misdeeds, what is the punishment for the ungrateful siblings? For all the sufferings received from her two sons, will the aging mother be sympathetic to them?

Jose/Evon’s new tiatr this winter season, Chint Monxea Vogot Astana, is a family melodrama. It throws light on an old subject addressed in the past – aging parents and the pain inflicted by their offspring in their old age.

Jose/Evon’s newest tiatr is 'Chint Monxea Vogot Astana'
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Pritam Pai is a new entrant on the Konkani stage and she has shown ample talent. She is equally confident in singing and a bright future awaits her on the tiatr stage.

Evon comes as a married daughter trying to fight against the evil prevailing in her family. Flacksy, as the daughter-in-law, plays the negative role with confidence. As siblings on stage, Anif and Saby are equally good and they try to bring out the ingratitude prevailing in many Goan families.

Jose/Evon’s newest tiatr is 'Chint Monxea Vogot Astana'
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Quiton as the bad grandchild displays his talent with ease, while the other two grandsons, Stancio and Joah are caring and loving by nature, and wins the heart of their granny and audience as well.

For some laughter moments, there’s Oswin and Lavina as lovers on stage; and Evon, Stancio, Ashton, Roger and Jose as Monica comes along for good acts of mimicry.

In the section of songs, Stancio and Flacksy step on stage for the opening song. There are also songs by Evon, Flacksy, Jose, Jr Reagan, Lavina, Joe de Areal, Ashton, Anif and Stancio.

A duet by Jose and Evon is appealing to the ears. A trio by Pritam, Flacksy and Lavina is also worth listening to. A solo by child artiste Eldrich receives an encore.

Jose/Evon’s newest tiatr is 'Chint Monxea Vogot Astana'
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This time round, there many youngsters as musicians – Mack (trumpet), Elroy (saxophone), Clinton (bass), Sanford (keyboard) and Eldrich (drums) and each of them have displayed musical skills with comfort and style.

They are guided by the seniors Jose Carvalho and Mariano. The stage sets are by Jose, while lights have been executed by Dinesh.

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