Goa tiatr review: Tiatr 'Get Lost'

Milagres de Chandor’s monsoon 'tiatr', 'Get Lost', is a tale of relationships and the bitter ties between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law
Milagres de Chandor’s monsoon tiatr is called 'Get Lost'
Milagres de Chandor’s monsoon tiatr is called 'Get Lost'Gomantak Times

Milagres de Chandor’s monsoon tiatr, Get Lost, focuses on relationships within the family. And, the bitter ties between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are brought to the fore.

A good dose of suspense during the second half helps the audience stay glued to their seats till the end. An unexpected twist in the story makes viewing more interesting.


The story is about a widow, Patsy (Candida Mascarenhas) and her two sons Rizwel (Willy Silveira and Kewin (Pierson), who are her strong pillars after the demise of her husband.

Kewin is in love with Amber (Candida), and Rizwel does not hesitate to extend support to his younger brother. However, there’s trouble when Candida’s ex-boyfriend Eden (Francisco) makes an entry from the US.

All along, he had teased Amber with luxurious things and now that he has returned, he shows willingness to tie the knot.

'Get Lost' is Milagres de Chandor’s monsoon tiatr
'Get Lost' is Milagres de Chandor’s monsoon tiatr Mario Pires

All the while, Amber has not been to Kewin’s place. When she does make a trip to his place, she notices his aged mother and draws the conclusion that she is like ‘old furniture’ to be discarded soon.

With the hope of seeing his brother Kewin’s and sister-in-law’s happiness, Rizwel takes his aged mother and resides in a rented house. But, greed for money and property is never-ending in Amber’s heart.

After getting rid of her mother-in-law, now Amber seeks to bring in enmity between the siblings. She works on a plan and demands that Kewin kills his brother.

Milagres de Chandor’s monsoon tiatr is called 'Get Lost'
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In order to keep Amber away from Eden, Kewin does not hesitate to poison and kill Rizwel.

Will Kewin be happy with Amber thereafter? Is Rizwel dead after the poisoning? Will Amber stay faithful to Kewin? Or, will she part with everything that belongs to Kewin and enjoy life with Eden? In the end, what is Amber’s fate? Watch the show to find the answers to all the questions.


Cruelty that prevails among the daughters-in-law has been highlighted in this family melodrama. But, are all daughters-in-law cruel towards their mothers-in-law? After marriage, do they all seek the end of their husband’s family? This thought needs introspection.

Candida steals the show with her splendid performance, and is outstanding among all the artistes. She also deserves full marks for her prompt dialogue delivery and dress code.

Milagres de Chandor’s monsoon tiatr is called 'Get Lost'
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Willy Silveira, Pierson and Francisco have extended good support to the lead actor. There’s Candida Mascarenhas who equally wins the hearts of the audience as the aged mother-in-law.

Check her out when she recovers, returns home and gets into a conversation with her daughter-in-law.

A scene from 'Get Lost', Milagres de Chandor’s monsoon tiatr
A scene from 'Get Lost', Milagres de Chandor’s monsoon tiatr Mario Pires

Arnaldo da Costa and Eliterio da Costa portray police inspectors. Check out Eliterio when he gets into the investigation net, cross questioning Amber.

To melt those tense moments on stage, John D’Silva, Nato, David, Stephen and Alika come together for some comical scenes and they entertain with some laughter pills. However, the speech carrying a double meaning could have been avoided.

Milagres de Chandor’s monsoon tiatr is called 'Get Lost'
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Scully, Faviola, Alika and Juvency step on stage with the opening song. Candida follows with a solo thereafter. There are solos from Francisco, Peviola and Juvency.

Willy and Scully come with a song about musicians and singers and it is entertaining. Peviola, Scully and Juvency also render a song on stage.

Milagres de Chandor’s monsoon tiatr is called 'Get Lost'
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There’s a child artiste Dilan, who renders a comic song and receives an encore. With Selwyn on the trumpet, there’s Theo Alvares on the second trumpet, Richard (keyboard), Joman (bass) and Jack on the drums and the musicians provide good live music.

Apart from good acts on stage, there are three eye-catching scenes as well to be enjoyed in between the songs.

Reggie and Agnelo have handled the stage sets, while Ratna has taken good care of the lights.

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