Goa tiatr review: Tiatr 'Tuminch Mhaka Sangat'

‘Tuminch Mhaka Sangat’, which is Sammy Tavares’ monsoon 'tiatr', is a family drama revolving around an elderly couple, whose children go down the wrong path
‘Tuminch Mhaka Sangat’ is the latest monsoon 'tiatr' from Sammy Tavares’
‘Tuminch Mhaka Sangat’ is the latest monsoon 'tiatr' from Sammy Tavares’Gomantak Times

Sammy Tavares’ monsoon tiatr, Tuminch Mhaka Sangat, is a family melodrama and is a tale wherein lack of parental love leads to children going astray, followed by disaster in the family.

Drug mafia and trafficking are common sights in Goa and involvement of politicians in the police system, and then, the pressure that follows to release the culprits are not surprising in the state.


An elderly couple, Terry (Ulhas Tari) and Savita (Roma) are blessed with two children, Lester (Franky Gonsalves) and Valeny (Joylita). In order to support the family financially, Terry finds employment in the US and his wife as a homemaker takes care of her children.

Staying away from son and daughter for 7 long years leads to deprivation of parental love. Although Lester and Valeny get all material possessions, they are denied fatherly love. And at times, their mom is overprotective towards them.

A scene from the tiatr, ‘Tuminch Mhaka Sangat’, by Sammy Tavares’
A scene from the tiatr, ‘Tuminch Mhaka Sangat’, by Sammy Tavares’Mario Pires

One fine day, without any prior notice or intimation, Terry returns home from the US, much to the surprise of his wife, Savita. As soon as he enters, his first query is about Lester and Valeny. But, to his utter shock, both are found to be absent from home.

Terry’s anxiety mounts and he begins to wonder whether his children are safe. Their return home late at night leaves him even more perplexed.

‘Tuminch Mhaka Sangat’ is the latest monsoon 'tiatr' from Sammy Tavares’
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As the days go by, the principal of the college (Peter de Arambol) drops in to inform them about Lester’s and Valeny’s bunking habit in the college. Police inspector (Satyawant Tari) also makes his entry in order to warn about the former’s involvement in drugs.

Will the elderly couple be able to handle those tense moments and situations and get their children in line? Or, will they lose them forever? Despite serving as an eye-opener by warnings, will Terry and Valeny change their paths of life? As you watch the show, you will get the answers to all these questions.


Being seasoned tiatrists, Ulhas Tari and Roma have played their guardians’ roles to the satisfaction of the audience. The director has painstakingly chosen Franky Gonsalves and Joylita to play the role of those spoiled children, who get hooked on drugs. Their performance on stage is outstanding and deserves applause.

The main cast on stage is equally supported by Peter de Arambol, Satyawant Tari, Lawry Travasso and others in minor roles.

‘Tuminch Mhaka Sangat’ is the latest monsoon 'tiatr' from Sammy Tavares’
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For some lighter moments on stage and to tickle the funny bone of the audience, you will find Antonette de Maina playing the role of ‘Bizli’ and she enacts the character of a lamani to the spectators’ delight.

She is backed by comedians Sally, Rizton and Richard, who leave no stone unturned when it comes to making the audience laugh after watching those tense moments on stage.

A scene from ‘Tuminch Mhaka Sangat’, the latest 'tiatr' from Sammy Tavares’
A scene from ‘Tuminch Mhaka Sangat’, the latest 'tiatr' from Sammy Tavares’Mario Pires

But, those small enactments of vulgarity need to be erased from the comic acts. They are in bad taste to the audience, whose children accompany them to tiatrs.

A glance at the songs presented on stage, Peter de Arambol makes a bold entry for the opening song. There are several solos from Lawry Travasso, Peter de Arambol and Sammy Tavares to entertain you.

Songs by Lawry and Peter de Arambol, Joylita, Antonette de Maina and Roma, Ulhas Tari and Antonette de Maina are equally entertaining.

A political song by noted political singer, Saby de Divar, Richard and Rizton and another song by Joylita and Saby de Divar receive encores from the audience.

‘Tuminch Mhaka Sangat’ is the latest monsoon 'tiatr' from Sammy Tavares’
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However, after enjoying all the songs presented in this tiatr, it was noticed that a quartet and a choral went amiss.

The beauty of this tiatr is that there are four young girls performing offstage with their wind instruments and one with the bass guitar. There is Jeslyn on the trumpet; and Madonna on the alto saxophone, while Stacy is on the bass guitar and Fevila on the drums. They are ably guided by their instructor and noted musician-cum-keyboardist Norman Cardozo. Their music is pleasing to the ears. Check them out as they play to everyone’s hearts’ content.   

The stage sets have been worked upon by Anthony de Ambaji and Tremson has assisted him with the lights effects. You will also get to enjoy some good visuals such as the sadu and his miraculous cow, the police jeep and others on stage.

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