Konkani Film Review: 'Rong'

Konkani film 'Rong', written and directed by Aggi Rod, is a story of greed, betrayal and rejection, and has a good storyline with performances to match
Konkani film, 'Rong,' has been written and directed by Aggi Rod
Konkani film, 'Rong,' has been written and directed by Aggi RodGomantak Times

With media partners RDX Goa and Goa Plus, a Konkani film Rong, written and directed by Aggi Rod, and produced by Joywin Fernandes, has been released on YouTube.

The story revolves around two families, namely Wilma (Stacy Mesquita) and her guardians (Joe Rose) and (Aplon Rebello), Neil (Aggi Rod) and his mom (Fatima).

As Wilma has reached a marriageable age, her parents are keen on getting her married. But, she does not show any inclination and has rejected many proposals in as none were of her choice.

Konkani film, 'Rong,' has been written and directed by Aggi Rod
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Wilma’s mother informs her daughter about her friend’s son, Neil, who lives in the UK. The two meet, sit together and talk, but Wilma is not impressed. She finds another boy, Sam (Kevin), who comes to her aid in adversity.

Kevin is a playboy. Initially, he eyes Liza (Narusha D’Souza), who rejects him. And, his next target is Wilma, whom he is confident of winning over.

After Neil’s return to the UK, Wilma starts dating Sam, unaware of his background. Meanwhile, Sam is into notorious activities and has borrowed money from Lucky Club owner, Rocky (Samuel Carvalho).

A scene from the Konkani film, 'Rong'
A scene from the Konkani film, 'Rong'PIC COURTESY: Mario Pires

Rocky demands his money immediately, but Sam is caught between the devil and the deep sea. To make up for the dues, Sam willingly surrenders Wilma into the hands of Rocky.

Wilma is raped and her future is tarnished. She informs Neil about her fate and he rushes home to seek justice for the victim.

Will Neil succeed in giving justice to Wilma? Will a police complaint, medical examination help in the long process of seeking justice? When the law turns a blind eye, how is justice sought?

Konkani film, 'Rong,' has been written and directed by Aggi Rod
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Rong, a Konkani film uploaded on social media via YouTube, focuses on different shades of love. Love, romance, betrayal and revenge are the highlights of the film.

It is rightly said that the perpetrators of a crime need to be punished severely so that the same incidents of violence against women may be prevented. But, threats and greed for money spoil the entire show, thus leaving the offenders to make hay while the sun shines.

Konkani film, 'Rong,' has been written and directed by Aggi Rod
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And, in the bargain, the victim of rape has to face all sorts of humiliation and rejection. She suffers mentally and physically for a lifetime. And, unless the law is taken into one’s own hands, justice will always be denied to the prey.

Rong has a good storyline, with fine performances by the artistes roped in. The film also carries a good number of songs which are hummable. A few stunts, wrapped in the film, make viewing enjoyable.

As guardians, Joe Rose, Aplon and Fatima have given good performances. They are ably supported by Stacy, Kevin, Aggi and Narusha. Samuel Carvalho as the villain, stands out, while Lawry Travasso as the doctor, and Vishal Gawas as the police inspector, play their respective roles to satisfaction.

There are a few lighter moments from comedian Nato, the late Selvy, Aggi and Joywin. Check them out!

Lyrics and music by Elick Vaz are appealing to the ears, while the cinematography, photography and editing by Joywin Fernandes deserves appreciation. He has mastered the art, and the new projects from his hands are gradually scaling the ladder of success.

Konkani film, 'Rong,' has been written and directed by Aggi Rod
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