Meet the Goan DJ who is also a lyricist, composer and singer

DJ Salvino Miranda is set to release his next song on YouTube, a romantic upbeat love song
The youngster putting on a show at the Halloween Party, Taleigao 2022.
The youngster putting on a show at the Halloween Party, Taleigao 2022.Photo: Ash Photography

Music knows no boundaries. When composed with true emotion, it somehow deeply resonates with people. DJ Salvino Miranda, is one such multitalented artist from Goa who simply embodies the idea of working dedicatedly towards your passion in silence and allowing success to speak for itself.

A music producer, composer, lyricist, singer and graphic designer, Salvino had an interest in music since childhood. At 17, he started DJing in his bedroom and later shared his passion with others.

The youngster putting on a show at the Halloween Party, Taleigao 2022.
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In 2013, he began his career as a DJ in a club. In 2016, he won the ‘Frendz Freedom’ DJ War in Goa. He also learned music production through YouTube tutorials and freelance work.

During the pandemic in 2020, he released his first Konkani song ‘Tuzo Mog’. His songs ‘Fokot Zai Tum’ and ‘Kalliz Ashelam’ gained him popularity and recognition. Salvino recently performed at London’s largest event, ‘Goa Day’.

Speaking of what inspired him to be the multifaceted talent that he is, he says, “I didn’t have anyone to inspire me, I always used to like exploring new things and I think the idea of being a DJ came from within myself, my family has always supported me and to date are my biggest supporters.”

Salvino at his recent gig.
Salvino at his recent gig.Photo: AJ Raut

DJs require technical, creative and interpersonal skills to succeed in the music industry. They need to understand equipment, music knowledge, creativity and crowd energy. Live performance skills are crucial for engaging audiences, while time management and networking are essential.

Adaptability and effective marketing, negotiation and resilience are also crucial. By honing these skills and staying dedicated, DJs can increase their chances of success in the industry. Does Salvino possess these skills? His vibrant audience will vouch with a big ‘Yes’.

What makes Salvino an extraordinary DJ in comparison to others is that in addition to being a DJ, he also composes music, produces music and sings. He plays his mashups, edits and original music when he performs. For him, this has been his positive point.

A DJ also needs to be up-to-date with the latest music trends. Speaking of how he manages to keep himself aware of it he said, “Musical tastes and trends change rapidly. YouTube has always been my best friend. Now the trend is going to Instagram reel tracks. Nowadays, most people like to listen to the tracks which go viral on Instagram reels.”

For Salvino music is like therapy. He says, “I share my writings through music. Music can do a lot of things. Music has the power to connect people. If you are sad, just listen to music and it will surely cheer you up.”

Salvino looks quite simple and down-to-earth but is quite smart. Speaking of his technique of keeping the listeners engaged he said, “Crowd interaction. It is very important to have conversations with the crowd while performing. I just ask them open-ended questions with simple ‘yes or no’. I also do some dance steps along with the crowd.”

Given that talented artistes are mushrooming in the state and the country, Salvino believes that it is important to be competitive.

He says, “Very few get that opportunity to break into the scene and gain recognition. It’s challenging! Recently I came across a quote that says ‘Musicians don’t retire, they quit when there is no music left in them’. I feel there is a lot of truth in it. See, even if you cross a certain age, but you are still giving a good performance, people will definitely love to listen to you.”

The youngster putting on a show at the Halloween Party, Taleigao 2022.
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DJs frequently have sleep problems and sleep for just two to three hours every night, which can be harmful to their health. They also miss out on spending time with their families at important events.

‘Forever and Ever’ by Demis Roussos is Salvino’s all-time favourite song. He also listens to Lionel Richie and Elton John. He has a special and all-time admiration for DJ Snake (a French DJ), he says, “From his original music to his live stage performances. He just kills it every time.”

The most rewarding part of being a DJ, Salvino says is, “that you can explore places if you get gigs outside the state and country. And get to know more people.” He adds, “I always get nervous before my gig. I just take a sip of water, say a small prayer and get on the stage. I don’t follow any superstitions.”

The youngster putting on a show at the Halloween Party, Taleigao 2022.
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Speaking of his next project Salvino said, “It’s been a long time since I released my last song. My fans are waiting for it. I get so many texts on my socials asking when I am releasing my next song. So the song is all set to hit YouTube. The teaser is already out. It’s a romantic upbeat love song. You are going to love it!”

DJ Salvino ends the conversation by wishing aspiring DJs and advising, “Building a DJ career takes time, so stay patient and persistent. Success doesn’t happen overnight, but dedication and hard work pays off.”

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