LOST IN MUSIC: Anuv Jain enthralls the audience at a Holi party in Goa.
LOST IN MUSIC: Anuv Jain enthralls the audience at a Holi party in Goa.Photo: Sarthak Gupta

With Anuv's music, the crowd gets movin' and groovin' in Goa

From an early phone recording of a song uploaded on Youtube, to scaling the social media platforms, Anuv Jain has come a long way

Singer and songwriter, Anuv Jain, has been creating waves lately, and is on the top of major social media platforms like Spotify, Instagram and Youtube.

The 29-year-old singer was in Goa recently, performing for Holi when Gomantak Times Digital spoke to him about his musical journey, memories in Goa and much more.


How was the Holi event in Goa? How was the response from the audience?


The event was absolutely amazing! I was just so happy to be in Goa at that time as there were so many other artistes performing at the same time as I was, which was pretty incredible.

The crowd response was great, the venue was packed, and as an artiste, that made me very happy. I also started performing at exactly 12 midnight, which gave me the opportunity to start off the beautiful and colourful day of Holi and celebrate with the people of Goa. So, it was really special.

GROOVING TO THE BEAT: The audience clearly can't get enough of Anuv Jain's mesmerising music.
GROOVING TO THE BEAT: The audience clearly can't get enough of Anuv Jain's mesmerising music.Photo: Sarthak Gupta

How do you spend your time when you come to Goa?


Honestly, I just like to soak up the beauty of the place whenever I am in Goa, because it’s just so peaceful and beautiful. I’m a pretty boring person in that respect.

As I am always in a city for shows, I mostly spend my time resting because my set time is usually quite late and I like to give my all during my performances, and so, I take some time to regain my energy.

I had been to Goa a couple of years ago with my friends, when I had a lot of fun – we went to the beach, a few restaurants and I took a rent-a-bike ride as well.


Do you have any fond memories of Goa?


I think a very fond memory of Goa is a recent one. I was here a couple of months ago for a show, and there was a lot of traffic as it was peak tourist season.

Even though we left a couple of hours before the show, we encountered a lot of traffic, and were not able to reach the venue on time. That is when the guys at the venue sent scooters for all of us, and it was kind of funny to meet people on the way, who were coming to attend my show.

They looked quite surprised to see me in traffic, but it was quite wholesome as I got to meet everybody. I, literally, ran to the stage as soon as we reached the venue and started performing!

That is a very cute and fond memory I have from Goa.

SELFIE TIME: Anuv Jain takes the all-important selfie with fans.
SELFIE TIME: Anuv Jain takes the all-important selfie with fans.Photo: Sarthak Gupta

You started your career at 16; tell us about your musical journey.


I have been singing from a very young age. I started playing the guitar when I was 14-years-old, and started writing songs by the age of 16. I was, in a way, putting some of these songs out on YouTube.

I was 17 when I wrote Baarishein, which I recorded on my Nokia phone. I posted this very early recorded version of the song on my YouTube channel.

That was the first video that I put out. It started gaining a little bit of traction, especially in my school and the neighbouring schools.

A few years later, when I was in my third year of college, and the song had gained a massive response, I went to a proper recording studio to record it. This is the version that people now hear, which has gone on to become the monster that it now is.


What is it that made you get into music full-time?


I only got into music as a hobby while working for my family business. It was in 2020, just before the lockdown hit, that I realised I should pursue music professionally, and that if I didn’t do it, then I would regret it for the rest of my life.

Hence, I decided to give it a shot and got into pursuing music full-time. It’s been almost four years now, and I’m so grateful to be where we currently are.

LOST IN MUSIC: Anuv Jain enthralls the audience at a Holi party in Goa.
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Your music has captured social media. You must be super proud of that! What is your motivation?


Yes, I’m extremely proud! My entire family is very proud that the music has really spread, and people like it and are able to connect to it, which is obviously very important to me, as a songwriter.

There is no motivation as such for me. I think when you’re a creative person, your brain is wired that way to constantly keep creating, and that’s what I want to do.

I just want to keep making good music, music that I like listening to and I hope that the music I like to listen to is good enough for people to also enjoy. That’s the only motivation.

I’m just making these songs and putting all of my personal stories out there for the world to hear!

LOST IN MUSIC: Anuv Jain enthralls the audience at a Holi party in Goa.
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What are your go-to songs for when you are sad, happy, angry and upset?


I listen to a lot of music and there are no specific songs that I keep going back to honestly. They keep changing. So, I can’t pinpoint and give you one, but I can tell you about the kind of music I’ve been listening to recently.

I have been listening to a lot of soft instrumental music. Even, when I am in the gym, I listen to soft instrumental – life has been crazy lately, and I just feel like I want to take it easy; so soft music really helps me calm down.

It is almost meditative and that's what helps me get through the day.

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