5 'Iftar' delicacies in Goa to die for

Iftar party custom varies from one place to another, but at the centre of it is the delicious food
Iftar food in Goa
Iftar food in Goa Photo: Rohan Fernandes

Iftar is all about a delectable meal served as a much-needed reward after a long day of fasting (roza) without food and water during the holy month of Ramadan.

The tradition of breaking the fast was followed by Prophet Muhammad, who extolled the benefits of eating dates to break the fast.

Iftar food in Goa
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The tradition of breaking the fast varies from one place to another, but at the centre of it is the delicious food.

Ramadan and Iftar are great ways of getting people together to bond over food, which is an important part. One will never miss these 5 delicacies to bond over with friends and family at any Iftar.

Kababs prepared from chicken or lamb mince.
Kababs prepared from chicken or lamb mince. Photo: Roxanne D'silva

1. Kebabs

This mouth-watering dish is prepared from chicken or lamb mince and makes for a great starter.

The mince is placed into a large food processor or mixer where it is churned for a minute or so. To these, spices are added and kept for marinating.

The kebabs are shaped as desired and shallow fried till done. These kebabs are then served with hot and green chutney.

The famous Russian cutlet.
The famous Russian cutlet. Photo: Roxanne D'silva

2. Russian cutlet

This delicious dish is crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside. It is usually prepared by using chicken meat that is boneless. The chicken is boiled and then shredded.

Other ingredients used are potatoes, fresh vegetables like capsicum, green peas, carrots and green chillies to add some spice. Some people add a dash of cheese to make it appetising for children to eat.

Iftar food in Goa
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The outer coating is prepared using maida and covered with the goodness of vermicelli and sesame seeds. It is then fried to crispy golden and served with hot, green chutney and tomato sauce.

Appetising beef samosas.
Appetising beef samosas. Photo: Roxanne D'silva

3. Kheema samosa

This appetising snack is prepared and filled with bright, spicy and smoked meat filling into a crisp golden savoury patty samosa.

You will love this tasty and savoury patty samosa. These samosas are deep fried and served with green chutney.

Kebab rolls best served with green chutney.
Kebab rolls best served with green chutney. Photo: Roxanne D'silva

4. Chicken and beef rolls

These kebab rolls are best to kill hunger. There are two types of rolls available -- beef and chicken. The filling of the rolls consists of shredded cabbage, carrots and spiced boneless meat.

The outer wrapping is prepared from maida. These rolls are shallow fried and best served with hot, green chutney.

Apple sherbet.
Apple sherbet. Photo: Roxanne D'silva

5. Apple sherbet

This refreshing drink helps in beating the heat and quenching one's thirst after a day-long fast.

This refreshment is prepared from fruit syrup, mixed with water and tonnes of ice.

Iftar food in Goa
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Sometimes, sugar is added to sweeten the taste, and even lime to make it tangy if required.

Iftar is certainly a deserved meal for those who break the fast, but those not fasting can join their brethren and bond over food.


WHERE: Jama Masjid Panjim, Goa

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