These stalls at the Konkan fruit fest are a must-visit!

Visit these stalls at the Konkan Fruit Fest to add to your knowledge on plants
An array of seasonal fruits at the festival.
An array of seasonal fruits at the festival. Gomantak Times

The 3-day Konkan Fruit fest that began on April 21 and will go on till April 23, 2023, is a community celebration organized by the Botanical Society of Goa in collaboration with Agricos Alumni Association.

If you are a plantsman or are looking for some exotic plants to add to your garden, then head to the Konkan Fruit Fest.

An array of seasonal fruits at the festival.
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This fest is the right place for all those people who are looking to expand their garden, support local farmers and local produce of seasonal fruits and plants.

Here are 5 stalls that GT Digital recommends:

The stall of Keni's Organic Farms.
The stall of Keni's Organic Farms. Photo: Katia Goes

1. Keni's Organic Farms (Mapusa)

At this stall, you can find hybrid fruits and vegetable plants which are up for sale. There are indoor as well as outdoor ornamental plants such as kharwas and deek. The stall is also selling traditional Goan delicacies and other farm products.

Navaneet Nursery stall.
Navaneet Nursery stall. Photo: Rohan Fernandes

2. Navaneet Nursery

With 30 years of experience to its credit, Navaneet Nursery stall is the right place to source fruit plants. The focus at Navaneet is on tropical crops and the expertise it has will help you lay your hands on the right plants.

This nursery is well known for large scale production and supply of quality plant material. The display of plants as well as sale of plants is worth checking.

Ras Raj Nursery stall.
Ras Raj Nursery stall. Photo: Katia Goes

3.  Ras Raj

This government-registered nursery is the right place to be if you are looking for organic solutions for your farm or garden. Those looking for plants can look at the mini nursery set up at the stall.

If there is a requirement for agriculture implements, order can be placed at the stall. The apiary extracted honey, organic manures and microbial and organically grown farm produce of Ras Raj are well-known.

Nestor's Farm de Go stall.
Nestor's Farm de Go stall.Photo: Roxanne D'silva

4.  Nestor’s Farm de Goa

Nestor’s Farm de Goa, which is propagating the message of community farming, has a strong presence at the festival. The stall has on sale fruits at discounted prices.

Also, one can get top-quality inputs on how to grow fruits, vegetables and spices and more from the personnel manning the stall.

Bicholim Progressive Farmers Producers Company Limited stall.
Bicholim Progressive Farmers Producers Company Limited stall.Photo: Roxanne D'silva

5. Bicholim Progressive Farmers Producers Company Limited

If you are looking for some locally produced coconut vinegar, then you have to stop by at Bicholim Progressive Farmers Producers Company Limited stall. It also has on sale cashews, chilies, rice and much more at really affordable rates.

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