10 best outdoor activities for thrill seekers in Goa

There’s more to Goa than just partying, bars and booze
Motorboats along the beach
Motorboats along the beachRoxanne D'Silva

There is so much to do in Goa besides bar and restaurant hopping and parties. These are evidently the norm when visiting Goa. But for those who want to satisfy the adventurous spirit in them, explore Goa the way you’ve never done before. 


Considering that Goa stretches along the coastal belt, there is a lot more you can do when you wear your swimsuits. Other than just jumping into the water and swimming, you can also try parasailing, where you can glide through the air like a bird with the help of an open parachute which is towed by a motorboat. 

Jet skiing

If you like riding your bike along the seaside, then you have to try jet skiing. This is better than riding along the beach because this lets you ride in the water. What’s not fun than just riding your motorboat through the waves and enjoying the sea air breezing through your hair?

Banana boat ride
Banana boat rideRoxanne D'Silva
Motorboats along the beach
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Banana boat, bandwagon, eagle rides

Another fun and thrilling water activity that you can try with your friends and family as a group is the banana ride. This big yellow inflatable tube makes it look like you're riding a big banana through the water. 

You could also try the bandwagon or eagle ride. Both these rides are similar. The bandwagon as well as the eagle ride are super exciting and thrilling. They involve an inflatable boat that is towed by a motorboat at high speed, making you bounce off the waves

As risky as it sounds, it's safe to give it a try to feed your adventurous spirit. You will find these water sports along the beach belt, running from Arambol Beach up to Sinquerim Beach. 

Motorboats along the beach
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Snorkelling, scuba diving and kayaking

Apart from motor-driven water activities, you can also try snorkelling, kayaking and scuba diving. These are some fun and spirited water activities you should try if you truly love the waters and are a true aquaphile. 

A few places that you can visit to try out snorkelling or scuba diving are Bat Island, Monkey Beach and Bogmalo Beach. There are a number of operators available to assist you on these trips.  

If you want to try kayaking, you should visit Palolem Beach, Nerul River or Uddo Beach in Siolim

The peak season to catch these fun water sports activities is from October to May. 

Motorboats along the beach
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White water rafting

Taking it up a notch on your adventure thrill, there is white water rafting that you can try. The bummer is that you can only go white water rafting during the monsoon season, and one place to try it is Valpoi. 

Hot air balloon rides

For those who do not find water activities exciting, we have something in store for you as well. To get your spirits to soar high, you can try out hot air balloon rides where you can rise into the sky for an unforgettable experience. 

One place for definite you can catch a hot air balloon ride is in Chandor, South Goa. The active season for this activity is from October to May every year. 

Motorboats along the beach
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Sharvraj Eco Farm
Sharvraj Eco Farm Roxanne D'Silva

Bungy jumping

Those who are not afraid of heights should try out bungy jumping in Latambarcem. I'm sure the thrill will definitely escalate the adventure quotient of your trip. 

Farm visits

Another fun activity that you can add to your list is a farm visit. There are many farms in Goa that you can visit and have a wonderful day. Not only are there things to learn at a farm, but there are also fun activities to pack your day with. 

One of the well-known farms in Goa is Heera Farm in Dhargal, known as a recreational and entertainment farm. Another farm that you can visit is Sharvraj Eco Farm located in Sanquelim and Nandanvan Spice Farm in Nadora.

Like these farms, there are many more farms located around Goa that you can explore. 

So here you go – a short list of fun outdoor activities you could try the next time you visit Goa. 

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