Who's up for some shopping in Arambol?

This Goan village is known to have a wide range of shopping items that you will love
Arambol is much more than it's parties.
Arambol is much more than it's parties.Photo: Katia Goes

Every year this Goan village in North Goa celebrates the feast of the ramponkars, which translates to “fishermen”, and over time has come to be known as the traditional fishermen’s village of Goa.

While every place has a local attraction, only a few have grown to have special appeal to tourists, and the bustling village of Arambol is one of them.

Arambol is much more than it's parties.
Goa's vanishing village: Curdi

Among one of the most visited spots in Goa, Arambol is known to be a magnet for tourists and hippies. Not only does it have several interesting things to do on your holiday in Goa, but is also known to be one of the places to indulge in the universal favourite hobby – shopping!

Speaking of shopping in Arambol, did you know that the shopping street in Arambol has pure leather bags retailing for just ₹1200? What a steal!

While we’re at it, let’s browse through pictures and read about the various things to buy when in Arambol.

  • Leather goods

Leather is known to be durable and long lasting. Hence, naturally – pretty damn expensive! Well, not on Goa’s watch. Be spoilt for a choice at Arambol as you walk through the numerous shops that sell several leather goodies. Be it a pair of leather gladiator sandals, a stylish bag or even just a tiny wallet, you know where to go.

  • Dreamcatchers

A trend that has grown in recent years, this Native American ornament has quite easily made its way into the list of decorative items one can use. Believed to act as a filter, sending away nightmares and making sure that only pleasant dreams make their way through to the sleeper, a dreamcatcher may be just the thing you need for a good night’s sleep.

  • Bags and wallets

Tired of finding crumpled notes of money in the pockets of all your machine-washed jeans? Why not invest in a quirky bag, or even better, a wallet! Head to Arambol and browse through a wide range of accessories to choose from.

  • Clothes

Does anyone even need an excuse to shop for clothes? Most days, shopping is synonymous with therapy. And, a little retail therapy hurt no one. Find some of the best clothes in the lanes of Arambol, keeping in mind that you can shop for a whole village without emptying that wallet you just purchased!

Shopping in Arambol.
Shopping in Arambol. Photo: Katia Goes
  • Souvenirs

Going for a holiday and returning empty handed is never a good look. So, don’t forget to head to Arambol and pick up some last minute souvenirs for your loved ones.

Enjoy your guilty pleasure with street shopping at Goa’s own Arambol!

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