Attend a charismatic retreat and balcony composting workshop in Goa

The 3-day retreat will take place in Nuvem, while the composting workshop will be held in Guirim
PRAISE & WORSHIP: Catch the team from Divine UK at a charismatic retreat in Goa this week.
PRAISE & WORSHIP: Catch the team from Divine UK at a charismatic retreat in Goa this week.Photo: Gomantak Times


If you’re one of those people who regularly tunes in to Divine UK on YouTube, religiously pays attention to the talks, and enjoys the music, now’s your chance to experience it live in Goa because there’s a ‘Deliverance and Healing Retreat’ at Divine, Nuvem, from February 16 to 18.

Director of Divine Retreat Centre, UK, and renowned preacher Fr Joseph Edattu VC will be the main preacher at the retreat.

PRAISE & WORSHIP: Catch the team from Divine UK at a charismatic retreat in Goa this week.
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He has previously served at Tabor Retreat Centre (Kalyan, Mumbai) and Divine Retreat Centre (Muringoor, Kerala).

Jeremiah Vaz, from Divine UK’s music ministry will also be present at the event and will be playing some absolutely divine melodies.

The 3-day event will include testimonies, healing and deliverance, adoration, music, praise and worship, and preaching.

A bus service to the retreat centre is available with boarding points at the Miramar Circle, Kala Academy, ferry point and Heera Petroleum, all in Panjim and its vicinity. For more details about this bus facility, contact:

  • For non-AC bus: +91 99231 32374

  • For AC bus: +91 95183 30712   

WHERE: Divine Retreat Centre, Nuvem

WHEN: February 16 to 18

TIMINGS: 2 pm to 7 pm


CONTACT: +91 8767 642899 (retreat centre)

PRAISE & WORSHIP: Catch the team from Divine UK at a charismatic retreat in Goa this week.
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A Million Forests Studio, Guirim, presents ‘Apna Din’, a sustainability event, on February 18, 2024 (3 pm to 6 pm). The event features:

  • Macrame workshop by Rehana. Participants will learn to upcycle old tees into plant hangers. (Fees: ₹ 350)

  • Balcony composting workshop by Subbu (Fees: ₹ 150)

  • Chemical-free seeds and farm produce by Nestor and Avertano

  • Yard sale by Mili and Aditi

  • Upcycled planters by Mili

Subbu Nayak will present an ‘Aerobic Balcony Composting Workshop’. He will simplify balcony aerobic composting, a process which will help transform kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich compost, perfect for urban living.

“The ease at which kitchen and food waste can be transformed into rich, black, quality compost is unbelievable. It's an individual's responsibility to convert kitchen waste into compost, and then use it for their garden. Compost makes houseplants very happy,” says Subbu in the guide book, Management of Organic Waste in India.

The book has been published by the German Development Cooperation, Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs, Government of India & GIZ (German Agency for International Cooperation).

WHERE: H No 533/3, A Million Forests Studio, Guirim

WHEN: Sunday, February 18, 2024

TIMINGS: 3.30 pm (Balcony composting workshop)

TO REGISTER FOR WORKSHOPS: +91 9860 412909 or +91 92843 62349

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