Know why Assagao is called Goa’s Beverly Hills

Here’s a guide to help you explore this village in North Goa and recommends places to eat, stay and spend
One of the many beautiful villages of Goa, Assagao, has so many things to do.
One of the many beautiful villages of Goa, Assagao, has so many things to do. Gomantak Times

Over the years, Assagao's skyline has changed much to the dismay of the locals and delight of upmarket tourists, who find themselves in a peace haven far away from their corporate and mundane lives.

A few kilometres away from the Mapusa town, this charming village nestled with tree-lined streets and colonial-era villas has been tagged as the Beverley Hills of Goa by some of the well-known travel websites.

Today, this quaint village has evolved into a captivating hub for creative enterprises, upscale boutiques, inviting cafes and luxurious accommodations. Here’s a brief guide to discovering the allure of Assagao.

No Nasties brand is here to support sustainability.
No Nasties brand is here to support sustainability.


1.  No Nasties

The No Nasties clothing store is conveniently situated on the main road, boasting a captivating sign that is sure to pique your interest and entice you to enter. The store exclusively offers clothing made from 100 per cent organic, fair trade and vegan materials, and is committed to minimising carbon dioxide emissions through sustainable practices. Renowned for its planet-positive approach, the store carries a diverse range of clothing for men and women, and actively advocates against the use of plastic. It’s definitely worth a visit.

WHERE: House No 46, Saunto Waddo, Anjuna Mapusa Rd, opposite Gunpowder Restaurant, Assagao.

The vast collection of shopping items you can choose from at Rangeela.
The vast collection of shopping items you can choose from at Rangeela.

2.  Rangeela

Situated within a Goan villa which has transformed into a charming shopping destination, this establishment presents a delightful dilemma for visitors as it is difficult to leave without making a purchase. Offering a wide selection of designer clothing for men and women, every corner of the store showcases distinct and appealing items, ensuring that patrons will continually discover unique pieces as they explore. From fashionable attire to home decor, this store boasts a diverse range of offerings.

WHERE: Anjuna Mapus-a Rd, near Gunpowder Restaurant, Saunta Vaddo # 13, Assagao.

3.  Whim Assagao

This Assagao-based clothing and lifestyle store was established by Poorvi Munim. The brand specialises in luxury everyday wear for men and women. The store offers incredibly comfortable and relaxed fit clothing in a mesmerising range of colors, providing a unique shopping experience akin to visiting a bespoke outlet in Assagao. Visit Whim at Assagao for a truly fulfilling shopping experience.

WHERE:  45, Mapusa- Anjuna-Chapora Rd, Assagao.


1.  Kefi

This delightful and cozy restaurant is a recent addition to the neighbourhood, offering a variety of delectable Lebanese dishes. Their extensive menu spans from breakfast to dinner, with the added bonus of vegan options. Furthermore, the establishment is pet-friendly and provides valet parking, enhancing the overall experience. To top it off, they also feature an enticing selection of cocktails.

WHERE: House No. 460, Tembar, Anjuna Mapusa Rd, Assagao.

2.   Sublime

This restaurant is located in a charming Portuguese-style house on the main road in Assagao. Chef Christopher Saleem Agha Bee curates the menu, offering delectable European dishes such as Taco Platter, Dynamite Shrimp, Indy’s Chicken Salad, Lobster Ravioli and Vegan Bolognaise, all made with locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant’s ambience, adorned with captivating artwork and vibrant decor, is sure to entice patrons to return, complemented by the addition of Ethiopian jazz music, enhancing the overall vibe of the establishment.

WHERE: House No 481, Bouta Waddo, Assagao.

The favourite of many: Stuffed Chicken.
The favourite of many: Stuffed Chicken. Photo: Sublimegoa

3.   Suzie’s

This restaurant operates efficiently with reservations, so it’s advisable to book in advance if you plan to visit. It offers separate menus for meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan to cater to different preferences. Known for its 5-course meals, the restaurant also boasts a trendy decor that exudes a chic, relaxed atmosphere. Additionally, they offer a selection of expertly crafted cocktails. While the prices may be on the higher side, the quality is reportedly worth the cost, allowing diners to judge for themselves.

WHERE: House No 531, Suzie’s Lane, Bouta Waddo, Near Chari Garage.


1. Mademoiselle Boutique Hotel

A charming boutique hotel awaits, offering a hint of European allure and the vibrant energy reminiscent of colonial Goa. Beyond its unassuming exterior lies a sophisticated and inviting space adorned with elegant haute couture decor that exudes sophistication and timelessness. The hotel’s design is captivating, featuring an outdoor bathtub connected to the bedroom, evoking a sense of romance.

One of the many beautiful villages of Goa, Assagao, has so many things to do.
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The influence of French style is evident in the exquisite details of Mademoiselle. With 12 beautifully appointed bedrooms in soft, dreamy pastel hues, guests are encouraged to indulge in the luxury of an outdoor bath or enjoy a glass of their favourite wine on the balcony. Sounds like a dream.

WHERE: SURVEY NO 90/3, Branch Post Office, Assagao, near Village Panchayat

One of the many beautiful villages of Goa, Assagao, has so many things to do.
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2.  jüSTa Casa Frangipani

This exclusive luxury hotel is located in North Goa and has been meticulously designed to promote a feeling of wellness and rejuvenation. Guests can opt for either luxurious rooms or a private villa with its own pool, both offering a serene ambience. The retreat is enveloped by verdant greenery, and the interior architecture mirrors Goa’s beauty with its calming colour palette.

Visit jüSTa Casa Frangipani and unwind the right way.
Visit jüSTa Casa Frangipani and unwind the right way.

Every detail of jüSTa Casa Frangipani, from the refined Frangipani wallpapers to the lush courtyard and surroundings in Assagao, has been carefully curated. Guests can kick-start their day with a delightful buffet featuring continental and Indian cuisine, followed by a refreshing swim in the pool and basking in the sunlight, promising an unparalleled experience.

WHERE: Jardim De Amor, Bouta Waddo, Assagao.

One of the many beautiful villages of Goa, Assagao, has so many things to do.
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3. Assagao Bay

Located in the heart of Assagao, this boutique hotel offers the perfect combination of convenience and tranquility. The stylish and cozy 4-bedroom retreat is ideal for families and couples seeking a peaceful getaway with easy access to nearby attractions.

Each villa is fully equipped with amenities and tasteful furnishings, and offers personalized service, a refreshing pool and delicious local cuisine. It’s the perfect place to unwind and create lasting memories with loved ones. Plan your trip to Assagao Bay for an unforgettable experience.

WHERE: 537, Baunta Vaddo, Bouta Waddo, Assagao

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