Skydiving to be added to Goa's adventure activity list

The adventure activity will target high-end tourists and enable job creation for Goans
Skydiving is a thrilling adventure activity.
Skydiving is a thrilling adventure activity.Gomantak Times

Prasad Sawant

To attract high-end tourists, the Goa tourism department and Goa Tourism Development Corporation are planning new ventures in Goa. Various adventurous activities are to be launched in different parts of Goa.

Skydiving will be started at selected places. The legal process is being carried out in this respect. The launch will take place by October 2023, as informed by GTDC officials.

Skydiving is known for inspiring a thrill in those who are interested in adventure. One dives out of a plane in the sky and finally makes it to terra firma using a parachute.

Scenic view of Quitla
Scenic view of QuitlaRohan Fernandes

Those interested in the adventure are given training first. One instance of skydiving may cost as much as Rs 30,000-40,000. Hence only high-end tourists are able to treat themselves to this activity.

Skydiving takes place in many states of India, however, tourists prefer indulging in this recreational activity in other foreign countries like Dubai.

Officials say that skydiving in Goa will be a huge attraction to tourists. There are certain important facilities required for skydiving. For instance, a take-off point and a drop zone for landing. 

Only high-end tourists will be able to afford skydiving.
Only high-end tourists will be able to afford skydiving.Gomantak Times

A piece of land of 48,000 square metres belonging to the Goa Industrial Development Corporation (Goa IDC) is available at Quitla, Betul. The land is outside the flying zone.

Once the Directorate of Civil Aviation and Goa IDC give the green signal for the project, it can be launched in October 2023, said Goa IDC president Praveen Faldesai.

This venture will be launched on the PPP model and GTDC will not be investing any money. Goforth Adventures Private Limited has been appointed as a contractor for the same.

Participants are given some training before they take part in the activity.
Participants are given some training before they take part in the activity.Gomantak Times

The same company has been operating skydiving enterprises in Narnaul, Haryana, and other places across India. GTDC will help in advertising and marketing, and furthering the legal process to begin the venture.

GTDC has already started adventure activities like bungy jumping at Mayem, and hot air balloons at Assolda. To help promote adventure tourism and job opportunities for locals, more activities of this type will be started in Goa soon.

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