What’s on Goa’s ‘tiatr’ scene this Christmas?

Menino de Bandar’s winter release, ‘Thoddech Dis’, which will be staged in several villages across Goa, is a story of suspense involving a bride, groom, their parents and a sudden dizzy spell
‘Thoddech Dis’ is Menino de Bandar’s winter release
‘Thoddech Dis’ is Menino de Bandar’s winter releaseGomantak Times

Apart from carol singing, star and crib making competitions in various parishes, tiatrs, too, have always been a part of the Christmas programmes, presented in various villages and cities as well.

During those yesteryears, the Christmas programmes scheduled in every village, included a tiatr on stage. As the years passed by, the festive activities started witnessing a slow decline and natural death.

‘Thoddech Dis’ is Menino de Bandar’s winter release
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The programmes chalked out by the parish youth, catechists and villagers during the Christmas season enabled everyone to be a part of various events on stage. But, this trend is slowly dying, with decreased involvement of children, youth and even villagers.

Back in the day, making of cribs and stars was part of every Christmas season and everyone would be actively involved in the preparations. But today, such activities have turned out to be more commercial, with competitions held only for the purpose of winning prizes, thus losing that festive fervour.  

One of the performances from Menino de Bandar’s '‘Thoddech Dis’
One of the performances from Menino de Bandar’s '‘Thoddech Dis’ PIC COURTESY: Mario Pires


This Christmas season, Menino de Bandar will be staging his winter release, Thoddech Dis, in several villages across Goa.

The story revolves around Anthony (Menino de Bandar) and Veronica (Dola), who are eagerly waiting for the return of their son, Jude (Maxcy Pereira), from Germany. Soon after his return, they want him to settle down with his fiancée, Teresa (Jennifer).

Jennifer’s parents, Lazarus (Pedro) and Magdalena (Angela), are equally preparing for the wedding of their only daughter. They wish to make it a grand day.

‘Thoddech Dis’ is Menino de Bandar’s winter release
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As Jude’s younger brother, Peter (Vilton), gears up to pick up his brother from the airport, Jude steps in with his fiancée. He experiences giddiness and everyone at home is bewildered.

On one hand, hectic preparations are witnessed in the bride and groom’s residences. Jude’s guardians are equally worried about his health.

A scene from ‘Thoddech Dis’, the latest tiatr from Menino de Bandar
A scene from ‘Thoddech Dis’, the latest tiatr from Menino de BandarPIC COURTESY: Mario Pires

Collection of medical reports results in utter shock. But, the doctor warns Lazarus and Magdalena not to disclose the news of the ill health to Jude, as it could have grievous repercussions.

Is there a remedy to Jude’s illness? How do his parents handle the whole situation? What is the fate of Teresa? Will the lovebirds get an opportunity to tie the knot forever?

‘Thoddech Dis’ is Menino de Bandar’s winter release
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Menino de Bandar’s tiatr, Thoddech Dis, carries a good storyline, with fine performances by all the artistes on stage. Menino de Bandar and Dola, Pedro and Angela stand out as the parents of Macxy and Jennifer. They are supported by Romeo, who makes a cameo appearance.

Comedian Humbert, Ben Evangelisto, Sandra and Allwyn entertain with a good dose of laughter. The foursome carry several tricks with them that produce a laughter riot among the audiences.

‘Thoddech Dis’ is Menino de Bandar’s winter release
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In the section of songs, Jennifer steps on stage with a unique opening song, whereby all the artistes are introduced on stage. Solos follow from Rons, Marcus Vaz, Pedro, Jennifer and Clint.

There are also renditions by Sandra and Clint, Jennifer and Ben Evangelisto. There’s a trio by Sandra, Rons and Angela, focusing on mother-in-law-daughter-in-law conflicts.

‘Thoddech Dis’ is Menino de Bandar’s winter release
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Among the musicians, there’s Edrol (trumpet), Ashben (saxophone), Rosario (keyboard), Mariano (bass), Anicet (drums) with live music; and it’s a pleasure to see youngsters trying their skills with blowing instruments.

The stage sets are by Menino Fernandes and lights have been executed by Dinesh.

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