Waterfall plans in Goa ruined? Try these instead!

Rules may come and go, but there is never a dull day in Goa
So much to do in Goa and such little time!
So much to do in Goa and such little time! Gomantak Times

Trips to the waterfalls of Goa are a no-go with the latest waterfall ban in Goa. A responsible (and at this point essential) step taken by the government after the drowning incidents at these tempting water bodies.

Although this news might have ruined your monsoon plans in Goa, fear not! Here are a few local things to do to ensure that you’ve not only made the best of your holiday but also witnessed Goa’s authentic lifestyle.

Fishing is a common hobby in Goa.
Fishing is a common hobby in Goa. Photo: Rohan Fernandes

1. Angling

The rain pours down and most Goans instinctively turn to their favourite hobby – fishing! And, since monsoons are the perfect time to throw your line into the water and wait for a tug on the other end, why not test your angling skills, right here in Goa?

Crab hunting, the game of patience and skill.
Crab hunting, the game of patience and skill. Photo: Venita Gomes

2. Crab hunting

A truly entertaining activity, catching crabs is a local favourite. Make some local friends, put on your safety gear and head out to grab a crab, while making sure that the crab does not grab you!

Long drive? Say no more!
Long drive? Say no more! Photo: Rohan Fernandes

3. Therapeutic green drives

Nothing beats the inexplicable power of a long drive and its therapeutic ability to cure monsoons blues. Find comfort in the sweater-weather and Goan sceneries as the raindrops dance on the roof of your vehicle.

Goan food speaks for itself.
Goan food speaks for itself. Photo: Anwyn Fernandes

4. Goan cuisine at small local restaurants

Good food is the answer to so many problems. And, as for Goa, many have tasted, loved and returned to the Goan restaurants for more. Paired with a drink (or two), dining at the local restaurants in Goa is sure to give you a pure and unadulterated bite of Goa.   

White water rafting in Valpoi awaits you.
White water rafting in Valpoi awaits you. Photo: Pixabay.com

5. White water rafting

Although the waterfalls stay closed, who said you have to stay out of the water? If white water rafting is something that interests you, say no more. Head to Valpoi in North Goa and have an experience of a lifetime by defying the waters and navigating your raft to safety.

Life is full of uncertainty, but learning to take bad news with a pinch of salt is what keeps one going. As for Goa, the locals always vouch for it being more than just its water bodies and nightlife. Maybe it’s high time others acknowledge that, too!

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