Enjoy awesome waterfront views with your dining experience in Goa

A good meal tastes even better when you have a waterfront view.
Boutique restaurant and lounge located in Vaddy, Siolim.
Boutique restaurant and lounge located in Vaddy, Siolim. Photo: Oh LaLa

Goa is a state on the western side of India with a coastline bordered by the Arabian Sea. While Goa is famous for its dazzling beaches, this article is not going to tell you about the beaches which you already know about!

Instead, we’ll be telling you about the eateries that are complemented by stunning waterfront views. Here are three restaurants located in Siolim village, with a view that you won’t forget!

1. Oh, LaLa

This boutique restaurant and lounge is located along the peaceful backwaters of Vaddy, in Siolim, and is considered one of the best new restaurants in Goa.

The ambience of the restaurant is relaxed and chilled – with a nice mix of Goa with a Bali vibe. The thatched roof, cane work seating, floral accents, starfish wall hangings and giant size dream-catchers hanging around give the place a unique vibe of its own.

Boutique restaurant and lounge located in Vaddy, Siolim.
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Every detail is eye-catching and Instagram-worthy, such as the resin coasters placed on the table, the hand-painted work on the bathroom walls, and the swing set, all of which make for quite a picturesque setting.

Oh, LaLa is owned by social media influencer and entrepreneur, Larissa D’Sa. Every corner of the restaurant is a place from where you will get a good picture, however the swing set is the most talked about spot.

While the menu might be limited to dishes like burgers, tacos, all-day breakfast and pizzas, they also have specials that change on a regular basis. Along with that, they have jazz nights, weekend soirees and cocktail tastings.

Some good news for pet lovers: the restaurant is pet-friendly; which means you don’t have to leave your furry friend at home. So, why don’t you head to Oh, Lala to have an oh, la, la time!


WHERE: Siolim Vaddy, Siolim, Goa

TIMINGS: 9 AM - 1:30 AM (Everyday)

RESERVATIONS: +91 80074 99399

SOCIAL MEDIA: Insta: @OhLalagoa

Thalassa a unique Greek restaurant in Goa.
Thalassa a unique Greek restaurant in Goa. Photo: Thalassa Goa

2. Thalassa

Located in a waddo of Siolim, called Vaddy, is a unique Greek restaurant that serves exquisite Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.

Thalassa sits along the banks of the Chapora river, and is an open-air restaurant sporting a lovely premium dining vibe with a dash of a luxury night out party scene.

Owned by Marikitty Grana (known to be a very hospitable hostess), you will find her at the property everyday, and is always available to assist you with any queries.

When it comes to authentic Greek cuisine, you will be spoilt for choice by the fresh crisp salad, grilled meat and seafood offering of the restaurant. Not to forget dessert, there is something for every palate.

One highlight of Thalassa is that apart from good cuisine, the restaurant has great entertainment with parties featuring live-fire shows along with great music. And, you will get a chance to witness some authentic Greek vibes and celebratory dances like Sirtaki and Zorba.

Thalassa is said to be well-known among tourists who visits, or plan on visiting, Goa. There is always something for everyone who visits – they get the experience, the food, the live performances, the chance to create wonderful memories – topped with breathtaking sunset views. Thalassa has it all!

Boutique restaurant and lounge located in Vaddy, Siolim.
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WHERE: 301/1, Vaddy, Siolim, Goa

WHEN: Everyday


RESERVATIONS: +91 98500 33537

SOCIAL MEDIA: Insta: @ThalassaGoa

Seascape waterfront restaurant overlooks the Chapora River.
Seascape waterfront restaurant overlooks the Chapora River. Photo: Seascape Waterfront

3. Seascape Waterfront

Seascape Waterfront Restaurant is located in idyllic Agarvado, in Chopdem, overlooking the Chapora river, and far away from all the chaos. While the route to the restaurant is a narrow one, the destination is quite a beauty.

A multi-cuisine restaurant, it specializes in Chinese, Indian, Continental and Goan dishes. This open-air restaurant has an open lawn area, with a scenic view overlooking the Chapora river, for private parties and functions.

While the food here is really good, especially the Squids/Prawns Butter Garlic and Chicken Malai Tikka, the restaurant is particularly famous for its seafood, explains the owner, Sachin Kurtikar.

Along with good food and views, there is also live music every Saturday and Sunday.

So, if you are looking for a nice evening, away from all the hustle and bustle, and also want to enjoy the scenic sunset along with good food, then do drop into Seascape Waterfront Restaurant.

Boutique restaurant and lounge located in Vaddy, Siolim.
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WHERE: Sateri Temple Road, Rautwada, Agarvado

WHEN: Everyday


RESERVATIONS: +91 70205 28242

SOCIAL MEDIA: Insta: @SeascapeWaterfront

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