How to have a sustainable summer vacation with your kids on Goan beaches
How to have a sustainable summer vacation with your kids on Goan beaches

How to have a sustainable summer vacation with your kids on Goan beaches

Leave a minimal impact on Goa’s ecosystems

The summer holidays are upon us, and the allure of Goa's sun-dappled beaches is irresistible, especially for families with children. Yet, with the joy and relaxation of a beach vacation comes a responsibility we simply cannot ignore.

The profound environmental impact of tourism is increasingly evident, especially in Goa, a state that draws vast crowds year after year. The need for sustainable tourism is not only urgent but a necessary step towards safeguarding our planet for future generations.

How to have a sustainable summer vacation with your kids on Goan beaches
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Reportedly, in 2018, a shocking 41 kg of litter per head was found on Goan coastlines, the highest in the country. This waste, consumed by unsuspecting animals, whether on land or in the sea, often results in tragic consequences, a concern that has been making headlines for quite some time now.

This waste, especially the glass bottles buried in the sand, often hurts people as they take a leisurely stroll on the beach. Moreover, the splendour of the Goan coast is marred by this careless disposal of waste. As tourism continues to surge, imagine the looming environmental crisis if we don't act responsibly.

How to have a sustainable summer vacation with your kids on Goan beaches
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So, how can we ensure our children and grandchildren can still experience the magic of Goa's beaches in the years to come? The answer lies in planning a sustainable holiday.


Do your research and choose eco-friendly resorts or homestays. Spending your time at a place that practises sustainability can make a huge difference. These establishments prioritise energy efficiency, water conservation, recycling and waste management.

They skip packaged drinking water and sodas that come in single-use plastic bottles. They also provide toiletries and cosmetics in reusable containers instead of tiny throwaway bottles.

Look out for a sustainable homestay in Goa.
Look out for a sustainable homestay in Goa.


Support local farmers and businesses by indulging in Goa's delectable seafood and traditional Konkan cuisine. These eateries source their ingredients locally, reducing the carbon footprint associated with food transportation.

You'll not only be contributing to the local economy but also, hopefully, avoiding the disposables that come with take-out or packaged food!


The pristine beaches of Goa are treasures that deserve your respect. Teach your kids the importance of leaving no waste behind. Use reusable water bottles, bags and food containers to minimise plastic use.

If any waste is generated at all, ensure it's disposed of in designated bins or recycling centres. Participate in local beach clean-up activities if available; it's a fun and educational way for kids to learn about environmental stewardship.

Respect Goa's beaches.
Respect Goa's beaches.


Choose eco-friendly activities that have a minimal environmental impact. Swap motorised water sports for activities like snorkeling, swimming and surfing.

Enjoy simple pleasures like going for a walk, observing the sand and waves or building sand castles, just like old times. Consider exploring Goa's biodiversity by visiting wildlife sanctuaries or nature parks. It's an excellent way to instill a love for nature in your children.

Build a sand castle or go on a walk.
Build a sand castle or go on a walk.


When buying souvenirs, opt for items made locally using sustainable or recycled materials.

Avoid purchasing plastic jewellery or single-use glow-in-the-dark items. You'll be supporting local artisans and reducing your carbon footprint simultaneously.

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