Discover Goa the sustainable way with 'Make It Happen'

Explore Make It Happen's sustainable approach to experiential travel, offering authentic cultural experiences, while preserving Goa's rich heritage
During a heritage walk.
During a heritage walk. Photo: Make It Happen

With sustainability being the buzzword these days, what could be better than enjoying your Goa visit the sustainable way?

Make It Happen, established in 2011 by Maria Victor and Murali Shankaran, is an experiential travel company with its base in Goa. It specialises in authentic cultural experiences and meaningful connections with local communities.

A storyteller conducting a heritage walk.
A storyteller conducting a heritage walk.Photo: Make It Happen

The team's positive attitude drives them to curate exceptional journeys celebrating local heritage and fostering collaboration. Focused on nurturing talent and promoting intercultural harmony, Make It Happen creates unforgettable memories for customers while benefiting partners and communities.

This innovative company offers extraordinary travel experiences that transcend conventional sightseeing, capturing the true essence of each destination.

During a heritage walk.
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Committed to sustainability and responsible tourism, Make It Happen supports local businesses. It does this by partnering with regional vendors, guides, and accommodations, stimulating the local economy. They encourage tourists to respect local customs, culture and the environment, minimising their impact on natural resources.

Actively engaging with the community, Make It Happen collaborates with local organisations to support conservation, social and cultural projects for sustainable development.

By explaining the history and effort behind architectural structures, they inspire tourists to appreciate and protect these sites. 

Introducing Goa's 'poder'  (breadman) and different kinds of 'pao' (bread) to guest during the tour.
Introducing Goa's 'poder' (breadman) and different kinds of 'pao' (bread) to guest during the tour. Photo; Make It Happen


Make It Happen takes practical steps to reduce waste, using reusable cutlery, crockery and glasses during tours. Instead of providing bottled water like others, they remind their guests to carry their own bottle of water.

They opt for eco-friendly options, for example, they offer face painted masks over low-quality imported masks on their Carnival Tour.

Additionally, they work with Maka Naka Plastic, providing cloth bags made from fabric waste to the guests on certain tours and reminding them to reduce their environmental footprint.

During a heritage walk.
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Their Campal Heritage Walk uncovers a hidden gem in Goa, featuring picturesque riverfront promenades, lush gardens and stunning heritage buildings.

The tour delves into Panjim's evolution, explores an 18th century chapel, the exotic Campal Gardens, and a heritage home turned boutique homestay. Guests have the opportunity to enjoy a local performance and learn about Goa's revolutionary thinkers.

Chandor Heritage Walk by Make It Happen.
Chandor Heritage Walk by Make It Happen.Photo: Make It Happen

Guests can also embark on a journey through Chandor, a South Goa village with a rich history dating back to the ancient Kadamba dynasty.

The Chandor Heritage Trail uncovers intriguing legends, visits 11th century temple ruins, and marvels at a 500-year-old heritage home. The experience includes a visit to a noble Indo-Portuguese mansion and a scenic riverside chapel walk.

During a heritage walk.
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Experiencing Panjim's vibrant Old Latin Quarter, an area brimming with culture and history is a must do. Guests can explore heritage buildings, such as the Chapel of Sao Tome and Panjim Inn, and revel in the neighbourhood's colourful Indo-Portuguese style homes.

The tour includes a visit to Panjim's oldest bakery, a live performance by a local musician, and supports the local economy through handcrafted product shopping.

Guests trying local delicacies at Confeitaria 31 De Janeiro.
Guests trying local delicacies at Confeitaria 31 De Janeiro.Photo: Make It Happen


Amreen Shaikh, a historian by education, and Head of Experiences at Make It Happen, emphasises the importance of protecting ecologically sensitive zones when encountering environmental damage.

She points out that offbeat waterfall treks are negatively impacting Goa's villages and forests by overburdening the limited resources and promoting irresponsible waste disposal.

As a result, Amreen chooses not to promote tourism in these remote areas, underlining the need to preserve and respect the delicate balance of such fragile ecosystems.

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