Fun and Festivities at the Morjim Carnival 2023

Focus on saving Goa’s environment was evident in the parade
King Momo declared Morjim Carnival 2023 open.
King Momo declared Morjim Carnival 2023 open.Gomantak Times

The Goa Carnival 2023 came to an end with a final bang with the Morjim Carnival, and the people of Morjim joined in the jamboree with vim and verve. The streets were filled with merrymaking and cheering as the Carnival commenced. 

Even after the week-long Carnival bonanza, the people of Morjim indulged in jollification during the Carnival show just before Ash Wednesday.

King Momo declared Morjim Carnival 2023 open.
Vasco Carnival says 'Save Goa'

This occasion presented one last time to pander to one’s wild side before venturing into the solemn, introspective days of Lent

After a long wait, the parade kicked off at a little past 5 pm due to a minor mechanical failure of King Momo’s float. Despite the slight glitch, the Morjim Carnival parade took off in high spirits, putting on display an extravaganza to delight the senses.

The Morjim Carnival 2023 had its own King Momo in the person of Rocardo Dsilva. He read the decree declaring the Carnival parade open and at once the atmosphere was filled with colour, confetti, cheers and a ton load of pomp.

King Momo declared Morjim Carnival 2023 open.
Carnival queen asks Goans to unite and save Goa from destruction

 Here are the highlights of the Morjim Carnival 2023:  

The parade started from the Morjim junction right up to Vidhyaprasarak High School Ground, at Kattawada, Morjim 

This year the parade had a lot of floats depicting Goa’s environmental issues such as save the elephants, save the frogs, say no to bullfights and traditional Goan floats. 

There were many local participants as well as Russians who participated in this year’s Morjim Carnival. Along with the fascinating floats, there were performances by Russian clowns, acrobats and samba dancers. 

King Momo declared Morjim Carnival 2023 open.
Madgaonkars say Viva Carnival 2023

There were people along the sidewalk waiting and cheering as the parade trail passed. The scorching heat didn’t seem to bother these high-spirited people. 

The Morjim Carnival ended on a truly entertaining note. 

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