Goa tiatr review: 'Girgirem' is a tale of meddlesome strangers

‘Girgirem’, the latest ‘tiatr’ from noted director, Roseferns, is a family melodrama
‘Girgirem’ is the latest ‘tiatr’ from Roseferns.
‘Girgirem’ is the latest ‘tiatr’ from Roseferns.Photo:

Senior tiatrist, Roseferns, noted for the unique parables in most of his tiatrs, released his 104th production, Girgirem, during the Easter season.

Roseferns’ tiatr, Girgirem, focuses on relationships in general, and in the family and how the unexpected entry of the third stranger can spoil good bonds.

Those who come into the family unexpectedly are never stable in their dealings with others, thus creating continuous rifts among couples.

‘Girgirem’ is the latest ‘tiatr’ from Roseferns.
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Girgirem is a family melodrama, and the story revolves around Bernard (Roseferns), who is blessed with two sons, Nathan (Benzer) an engineer by profession, and Mark (Prakash Marathe) an ardent football player.

There is Andrea (Meena) in the family and is adopted by Bernard after his employer passed away. She is also part of the family and takes care of everything in the house.

A scene from ‘Girgirem’, the latest ‘tiatr’ from Roseferns.
A scene from ‘Girgirem’, the latest ‘tiatr’ from Roseferns.Photo: Mario Pires

Bernard treats Andrea like a family member, and the youngest, Mark, has a soft corner for her. But, he does not understand how to express his love for her. 

On the other hand, Nathan is in love with Ruby (Candida), who is a flirt. Nathan’s father is aware of his son’s connection with Ruby, and warns him before anything unpleasant happens.

On the sly, Ruby is already involved with a rich businessman from Delhi, Jonathan (Remson). But, she fears that Jonathan may ditch her at any time, and so she continues flirting with Nathan.

‘Girgirem’ is the latest ‘tiatr’ from Roseferns.
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Mark’s affection towards Andrea prompts him to pen a letter to her. And, before stepping out of Goa for a football assignment, he hands over the letter to Ruby to be delivered to Andrea.

Being aware of the love affair, Ruby is now all set to build a wall between Mark and Andrea. She plans to keep them apart from each other. Will her wicked plans succeed or fail?


All the artistes on stage have played their roles with gusto and confidence. As always, Roseferns plays the father’s role, and he delivers in style. He is supported by Benzer and Prakash as siblings, while Meena plays the adopted daughter’s role with poise.

Candida steps on stage in a negative character, and it’s worth watching her. Remson makes a cameo and supports the main cast.

‘Girgirem’ is the latest ‘tiatr’ from Roseferns.
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For laughter pills, there’s Ben Evangelisto with Agnelo, Alika and Steven. The foursome carry good hilarious pills and entertain the audience during the comic scenes.

For the listening pleasure of the audience, Remson comes on stage for the opening song and delivers it in style.

There are a couple of solos from Rons, Meena, Roseferns and Steven. Check out comedian Steven singing a comedy solo to the English song, Barbie Girl. There are more songs from Candida and Benzer; Rons and Remson; Agnelo, Meena and Ben Evangelisto.

A quartet from Agnelo, Ben Evangelisto, Benzer and Remson receive an encore.

The band, led by Alloy and his musical team – Jayne (saxophone), Josley (keyboard), Elvis (bass), Ivo (drums) – has provided good live music offstage.

The stage sets are by Anthony de Ambaji and they are appealing, while the lights have been handled by Sanyo.

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