Goa tiatr Review: 'Amchea Ghorant', a love triangle

This latest tiatr, by Prince Jacob, is a gripping modern family drama with a message
'Amchea Ghorant' is the latest tiatr from Prince Jacob.
'Amchea Ghorant' is the latest tiatr from Prince Jacob.Photo: Gomantak Times

Prince Jacob’s 74th production, and Easter release, Amchea Ghorant is a family melodrama with several twists and turns, which helps viewers carry a message home.

As the show makes progress on stage, there are varied developments taking place in the family. Tragedies continue to strike the family, but the members make an effort to assist, in different ways, to strengthen the bonds of unity and love.

'Amchea Ghorant' is the latest tiatr from Prince Jacob.
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Martin (Baptist) is presented as a caretaker of his younger brother Oswald (Godwin) and sister Nancy (Briscila) after the untimely demise of his parents.

His wife Rosita (Candida) sacrifices everything for the well-being of these two siblings — Oswald and Nancy.

Childless that he is, Martin runs a garage to sustain the entire family. He desires that his younger brother become a mechanical engineer to further enhance his business. He also wishes that Nancy should marry and settle down soon.

A scene from the tiatr 'Amchea Ghorant'.
A scene from the tiatr 'Amchea Ghorant'.Photo: Mario Pires

On the sly, Oswald is involved with Cleopatra (Celeste) and loses his prime focus – studies. Meanwhile, Nancy gets entangled with driver Tony (Luciano) while going for tuition.

Martin makes plans to get Nancy married off to a doctor’s son. When the doctor arrives to talk about the marriage, Nancy experiences giddiness and a quick check-up leads to the wild revelation of her pregnancy.

'Amchea Ghorant' is the latest tiatr from Prince Jacob.
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The head of the family and all the other family members are upset about the entire issue.

Now, who is responsible for getting Nancy pregnant? Brushing aside his elder brother’s dreams, will Oswald be able to make a future with Cleopatra? What are the dire consequences of incorrect decisions in life?

'Amchea Ghorant' is the latest tiatr from Prince Jacob.
'Amchea Ghorant' is the latest tiatr from Prince Jacob.Photo: Mario Pires


There’s a fine presentation on stage as far as performances by the artistes is concerned. Baptist and Candida stand out as the elderly guardians of Godwin and Briscila. As siblings, Godwin and Briscila fare well in their respective characters.

Celeste makes an entry as the bride, and projects herself as an object of destruction. She has played her negative role with gusto.

'Amchea Ghorant' is the latest tiatr from Prince Jacob.
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Bony Alvin and Luciano assist the main cast in minor roles. Jacinto is portrayed in a negative role, too, and enacts it in style. 

For some laughter riot, there is Prince Jacob as Samsung, taking along with him Cedric, who enacts the role of Sim Card and Evola as Nokia. They carry a good dose of comedy up their sleeves.

However, there are two comic episodes – namely the television and burial of the deceased – which seem to drag on for quite some time, which gets a tad boring.

In the category of songs, Celeste steps on stage for the opening song, followed by a thought-provoking solo from Avers Pereira. Teenager, Melben de Souza, also renders a solo. There are renditions from Agusto de Calangute and Bony Alvin as well.

There are songs by Prince Jacob and Cedric; Baptist and Briscila; Bony Alvin and Agusto de Calangute; Godwin, Luciano and Avers; Candida and Evola; Avers and Candida; and Prince Jacob, Evola and Cedric.

'Amchea Ghorant' is the latest tiatr from Prince Jacob.
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The band leader, Seby Moraes and his musical team – Mariano (saxophone), Joel (keyboard), Neves (drums), Aubern (bass) – have provided good live music.

The stage sets are by Kapil Chari, while lights have been handled by John Fernandes.

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