Goa tiatr review: Tiatr 'Besaum'

John D’Silva's newest tiatr, 'Besaum', is a story of suspense and revolves around the torments and sufferings of a woman
 John D’Silva's 50th production is called 'Besaum'
John D’Silva's 50th production is called 'Besaum'Gomantak Times

The emperor of the Konkani stage, John D’Silva has released his 50th production, Besaum. It throws light on the torments and sufferings of a woman. Besaum (meaning 'blessing' in Konkani) carries a good story, fine direction and good acts on stage.

In between the acts, as in the past, there are also many references to the Holy Bible, with reflections on the story of Job, about devotion to God and how one can help carry on in life in spite of all misfortunes.

A scene from John D’Silva's latest production, 'Besaum'
A scene from John D’Silva's latest production, 'Besaum'Mario Pires


This tiatr is filled with many tragic and comic moments as well. And, every act on stage will leave spectators glued to their seats, expecting or longing to know more about the next act.

The entire cast has given their best performances, and the efforts of each and every actor need to be appreciated.

The story is about Kevin (Peter de Pedda) and Sara (Aloma). Kevin is a bachelor, while Sara is a married woman. But unknowingly, Kevin is taken up by the smart and sexy-looking Sara. The manner in which she dresses is enough to tempt any bachelor boy.

 John D’Silva's latest tiatr is called 'Besaum'
John D’Silva's latest tiatr is called 'Besaum'Mario Pires

Kevin cannot wait any longer and wishes to propose to her immediately. However, he misses every opportunity that comes his way. Restless as he is, he finally makes his way to Sara’s house. And, he immediately proposes, only to discover the unexpected.

He is shocked when Sara’s drunken husband, Milroy (Benny) makes an entry and abuses his sober wife. Kevin cannot stand the sight and manner in which Milroy treats Sara. He decides to go away, but prays to Milroy not to harm Sara.

 John D’Silva's 50th production is called 'Besaum'
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What follows next between Kevin, Milroy and Sara is worth the watch on stage during the second half of the drama.


Anthony San and Succor de Santa Cruz play the role of guardians in two different families and they have given their best. There is Willy Silveira, Peter de Pedda and Ivan in double roles, and each of them has extended good help to each other.

 John D’Silva's 50th production is called 'Besaum'
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Aloma comes on stage in the lead role and easily wins the hearts of the spectators. Benny is projected in the negative role, and Scully makes a cameo in the second half. Both of them are excellent in their respective performances.

For some laughter riot on stage, John D’Silva, Kenny, Ivan and Remy form a perfect comical team, and entertain with their own dose of laughter pills. One comic scene is an old comedy presented on stage by the same director.

Creating new comic acts would have been more entertaining than feeding the crowd with old stale food.

 John D’Silva's 50th production is called 'Besaum'
And now, a museum dedicated to alcohol. Cheers!

For the listening pleasure of the audience, Scully comes on stage with the opening song, followed by solos from Succor de Santa Cruz, Anthony San, Ivan and Willy. A song by Scully and Willy is truly enjoyable.

There’s also a song from Peter de Pedda, Succor de Santa Cruz and Ivan as a tribute to melody king, Alfred Rose. Songs by Peter de Pedda and Ivan; and Anthony San, Scully, Aloma and Succor de Santa Cruz are also entertaining.

 John D’Silva's 50th production is called 'Besaum'
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In the drama, there are several cantos by Anthony San and Aloma, which are satisfying. Kresto (first trumpet), Megan (second trumpet), Jamiston (keyboard), David Silveira (bass) and Jaison (drums) are the musicians offstage and provide good live music.

Pedro Santan has worked hard on the stage sets, while AP Rojols has handled the lights effects with expertise.

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