Tiatr review: 'Kazar vo Bazar'

A gripping story, suspense and good music is what 'Kazar vo Bazar', Prince Jacob’s latest ‘tiatr’, is all about
Prince Jacob’s Easter release is called 'Kazar vo Bazar'
Prince Jacob’s Easter release is called 'Kazar vo Bazar'Mario Pires

Prince Jacob’s Easter release, Kazar vo Bazar, has a different storyline, with a good dose of suspense that keeps you glued to your seat till the end of the show.

It is the story of two families, namely that of Antonio (Jacinto Gracias) and Emilian (Peter de Pedda). Antonio puts up with his dictatorial wife, Lily (Lourdes), and married daughter, Jesma (Candida), and son-in-law Jude (Baptist). Emilian, a widower, resides with his only daughter, Olivia (Valency).

Prince Jacob’s Easter release is called 'Kazar vo Bazar'
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As a peon, Emilian is in service in a bank. After the death of his wife, he shoulders dual responsibility and brings up his only daughter, Olivia (Valency).

Olivia falls in love with Jude. Their love affair continued for four years. But, he declines the offer to settle in marriage for reasons best known to him.

Both the families are aware of the love that’s growing between Olivia and Jude. As delays can have dangerous endings, Jude’s family members pay a visit to Emilian’s residence and the marriage date is fixed.

A scene from Prince Jacob’s latest release, 'Kazar vo Bazar'
A scene from Prince Jacob’s latest release, 'Kazar vo Bazar'Mario Pires

On the proposed day, Jude and Olivia tie the knot before the priest (Bony Alvin). As the couple steps out of the church as husband and wife, the police are ready to arrest Jude.

Jude is put behind bars, and Olivia experiences loneliness at home. And, Emilian is willing to set him free on bail.

What prompts the police to arrest Jude? Will Olivia enjoy marital bliss? Who releases Jude from prison?

Prince Jacob’s Easter release is called 'Kazar vo Bazar'
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The title of the tiatr will make anyone think of extra-marital ties. But, the story is totally different in the tiatr, Kazar vo Bazar.

The manner in which marriages are conducted in today’s world -- by taking loans and safeguarding one’s prestige in society, and then, the burden of paying the debts -- are some of the highlights of the drama.

A scene from Prince Jacob’s latest tiatr, 'Kazar vo Bazar'
A scene from Prince Jacob’s latest tiatr, 'Kazar vo Bazar'Mario Pires

Each of the artistes has enacted their respective roles with gusto. Peter de Pedda and Jacinto stand out as heads of their families. Lourdes comes on stage as ‘Dona Lily’, and her acts are worth the watch as the mother-in-law.

The lead artistes are supported by Valency, Candida, Baptist and Godwin. Bony Alvin steps in as a priest and delivers quite comfortably. Agnel de Dabolim is the cop and looks good in the police attire, but falls short in his speech.

Prince Jacob’s Easter release is called 'Kazar vo Bazar'
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For some laughter pills, you have Lucas (Prince Jacob) and Isabel (Evola) as a couple on the stage. There is Jerome (Allwyn), who acts as a hawaldar and caterer, and assists the couple whenever required. The trio makes a good combination for some laughter pills.

Avers Pereira comes on stage with the opening song. As the opening song is rendered, there are some scenes worth watching. Solos follow from Agnelo de Dabolim, Lourdes, Bony Alvin and Avers Pereira.

Prince Jacob’s Easter release is called 'Kazar vo Bazar'
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Valency and Candida render a beautiful song on daughters-in-law, which could be an eye-opener to all those in-laws residing under one roof.

There is a song by Bony and Agnel de Dabolim; and another by Bony, Agnel de Dabolim and Avers Pereira. Seby Moraes is the band master and his team, Mariano (saxophone), Cryuff (keyboard), Joe (bass), Jack Pereira (drums) provide good live music to all the songs.

The stage sets are by Chari from Merces and the light effects are handled by Tony.

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