'Dis Ani Rat' is Constantino Crasto’s latest monsoon tiatr
'Dis Ani Rat' is Constantino Crasto’s latest monsoon tiatrGomantak Times

Goa tiatr review: Tiatr 'Dis ani Rat'

Constantino Crasto’s latest monsoon tiatr, 'Dis ani Rat', is a family melodrama with plenty of twists and turns

Constantino Crasto’s monsoon tiatr, Dis Ani Rat, is a family melodrama to be enjoyed with the family members. Several twists and turns unfold in this suspense drama. Cordial and bitter relationships between siblings and in-laws in two families are the highlights of the story.

When one reads the title of the tiatr, one may be under the impression that it might be a reflection on God’s creation of day and night. But, that thought is absolutely wrong. Instead, it throws light on the hard work of parents and guardians, day and night, for the betterment of their children, and the unexpected reward they receive in return.


The tiatr, Dis Ani Rat, is the story of two families – one of a fisherman, his spouse and two children; and the other is a middle-class family, wherein the head of the family is a businessman. In the latter family, there are two children residing with their parents.

Pasku (Rosario Botelho) is a humble fisherman, while his wife Carmeline (Carmin) assists him by selling fish in the local market. They have two children – Shaina (Antonette de Maina) is studying in the college, while Duwen (Baptist) is mostly involved in the banned activity of bull fights.

A scene from Constantino Crasto’s monsoon tiatr, 'Dis Ani Rat'
A scene from Constantino Crasto’s monsoon tiatr, 'Dis Ani Rat'Mario Pires

In the middle-class family, there is Mark (Elvis), a successful businessman. His proud wife, Dola (Dola), is a housewife. Their children, Rusell (Vishal) and Samaira (Jennifer), enjoy life at the cost of their parents.

There’s a chemistry revolving around the children of these two households. Shaina is in love with Rusell, while Samaira is in love with Duwen.

'Dis Ani Rat' is Constantino Crasto’s latest monsoon tiatr
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But, the biggest question arising due to the unexpected love angle is: Will the parents in the middle-class family accept the relationship? Will the love existing between two couples culminate into marriage? Or, will it hit the hard rocks?

On the basis of caste, after much disagreement between the two households, the lovebirds unite in marriage. But then, conflicts follow between the in-laws. Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in the middle-class family cannot stand each other. What follows next is worth the watch.

A scene from Constantino Crasto’s monsoon tiatr, 'Dis Ani Rat'
A scene from Constantino Crasto’s monsoon tiatr, 'Dis Ani Rat'Mario Pires


As guardians, Rosario Botelho and Carmin, Elvis and Dola have played their respective characters with ease and gusto. The four artistes find assistance from Antonette de Maina, Baptist, Vishal and Jennifer, who play the role as siblings, initially, and later as in-laws.

There’s a child artiste, Aliva, who steps in a little later, but she easily wins the hearts of the audience by her simple looks and quick dialogue delivery.

For some comical acts, comedian Ben Evangelisto (Domingo), Evola (Betty), Prince Jacob, Ambe and Mario have been roped in and they entertain throughout with a good dose of laughter pills.

'Dis Ani Rat' is Constantino Crasto’s latest monsoon tiatr
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For some pleasant listening, there’s Dola, Evola and Jennifer who appear on stage to render the opening song. There are solos from Marcus Vaz, Rosario de Benaulim, C D’Silva, Benny de Aldona, and Santan Crasto.

Other songs included in the tiatr are from Evola/Santan, Antonette de Maina, Carmin, Jennifer and Dola, C D’Silva/Constantino and Benny, Marcus and Tony. There are a couple of songs from Francis de Tuem, C D’Silva, Ben Evangelisto, Evola and Prince Jacob; and Rosario, Francis de Tuem and Tony de Ribandar which receive applause from the spectators.

'Dis Ani Rat' is Constantino Crasto’s latest monsoon tiatr
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To make all songs a pleasure to listen to, Alloy (trumpet) and his entire musical team of Edrol (trumpet), Jayne (saxophone), Ensly (bass), Josley (keyboard) and Ivo (drums) provide good and soothing music.

Anthony de Ambaji has taken the responsibility of setting the stage, while Romeo has handled the light effects effectively.

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