Goa tiatr review: Tiatr 'Mahanand Devmonis?'

Franky Gonsalves’ newest tiatr, 'Mahanand Devmonis?', is based on a real-life story
'Mahanand Devmonis?' is the latest tiatr by Franky Gonsalves
'Mahanand Devmonis?' is the latest tiatr by Franky GonsalvesGomantak Times

When the serial killer, Mahanand Naik, was arrested in Goa, noted tiatrist Tony Dias penned and staged his tiatr, Mahanand Monis vo Soitan?, and it received a good response from the audience. Franky Gonsalves’ latest tiatr, Mahanand Devmonis?, could be considered a sequel.


At the onset, the curtains unfold to a flashback scene wherein Mahanand (Franky Gonsalves) is awaiting his first victim, Vasanti (Tracy de Calangute). She makes her appearance with gold ornaments all over her body. The serial killer gets excited and is vengeful as she sings and dances.

'Mahanand Devmonis?' is the latest tiatr by Franky Gonsalves
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Mahanand lures Vasanti with sweet words. He praises her colorful dress and then fulfils his cruel mission. The scenes that follow have more vulnerable victims presented on stage.

One of the victims, Sheetal (Sheena Gracias), bears witness to heinous crimes committed by Mahanand. And, testifying in the witness box against the criminal, leads to his conviction.

'Mahanand Devmonis?' is the latest tiatr by Franky Gonsalves
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For all his misdeeds, Mahanand is finally arrested and put behind bars. In prison, he is mistreated and mishandled by the inmates.

After some months, when news about Mahanand’s release on parole spreads like wildfire, Sheetal is nervous and cannot stand the verdict. She seeks help from her husband (Alijoy) and sister, who try to shield her. What follows next is worth the watch on stage during the second half of the drama.

A scene from Franky Gonsalves' tiatr, 'Mahanand Devmonis?'
A scene from Franky Gonsalves' tiatr, 'Mahanand Devmonis?'Mario Pires


The scene wherein the killer of Sr Rani Maria, Samandar Singh (Normandez) becomes a convert is also presented on stage. But, the concluding scene leaves Mahanand a bad boy, thus making the audience wonder whether the serial killer has no chance for renewal of life.

Each of the scenes on stage has something different for the viewers, and all the actors have given their best in their respective characters.

'Mahanand Devmonis?' is the latest tiatr by Franky Gonsalves
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Some artistes are found in double roles and each of them has given their best in terms of theatrical skills. Tracy enacts the role of Vasanti, and returns playing Mahanand’s wife and nun as well.

Normandez is seen as a public prosecutor and later as Samandar Singh. Aplon is apt as social worker, Tara, in her dress code and dialogue delivery. She makes a comeback as the mother of one of the victims.

'Mahanand Devmonis?' is the latest tiatr by Franky Gonsalves
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Alijoy makes his appearance as a reporter and later as Sheetal’s husband. As a police inspector, Vishal Gawas stands tall both in body language and dialogues. Sheena Gracias as Sheetal plays a convincing role, while Merwyn steps in as a priest.

Comedienne Dorothy is seen as a CID officer. The director, as before, steals the show as Mahanand. Check out his body language, facial expressions and dialogue delivery.

'Mahanand Devmonis?' is the latest tiatr by Franky Gonsalves
'Mahanand Devmonis?' is the latest tiatr by Franky GonsalvesMario Pires

Apart from good acting, there are some eye-catching scenes on stage. Check them out, especially the rickshaw on the bridge. 

For some comedy, comedian Humbert, Sally, Richard, Michael and Dorothy come together to entertain, but fail to deliver the laughter pills. Manohar Bhingui also makes brief entries as a minister.

'Mahanand Devmonis?' is the latest tiatr by Franky Gonsalves
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For the listening pleasure of tiatr fans, Sheena renders the opening song, followed by solos from Jr Reagan, Lawry Travasso and Alijoy. There are songs by Dorothy and Alijoy; Sheena and Tracy; and Saby de Divar, Jr Reagan, Sally and Richard.

For his political song, Saby de Divar received an encore. There are two songs on the same subject, and a trio and quartet went amiss in the show.

'Mahanand Devmonis?' is the latest tiatr by Franky Gonsalves
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Anthony de Velim and troupe and his musical team – Anezia (saxophone), Norman (keyboard), Urban (bass), Tremson (drums) – have provided good music.

Norman Cardozo has also assisted with good background music. Jose de Velim handles the stage sets artistically, while Sunny takes care of the light effects. There's an additional sound system by Jerson, adding a boost to the songs rendered on stage.

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