Goa tiatr review: Tiatr 'Mutt Bhor Mati'

The storyline of comedian Sally’s newest tiatr, 'Mutt Bhor Mati', is a familiar one of greed for family property and wealth
The tiatr, 'Mutt Bhor Mati' is Comedian Sally’s monsoon production
The tiatr, 'Mutt Bhor Mati' is Comedian Sally’s monsoon productionGomantak Times

Comedian Sally’s monsoon tiatr, Mutt Bhor Mati, is a family melodrama. The prime focus is on greed for property, wealth and all sorts of possessions.

In moments of adversity, the siblings in the family are unwilling to help their own family members. But, when death knocks on the door, all the siblings rush from their respective destinations – not to express sorrow or grieve for the dead, but to claim the existing share of ancestral property.

The tiatr, 'Mutt Bhor Mati' is Comedian Sally’s monsoon production
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Mutt Bhor Mati revolves around Peter (Pascoal Rodrigues), his wife Gracy (Roma) and their three children Jenisa (Joylita), Jaison (Franky Gonsalves) and Reagan (Jr Reagan).

All three siblings are settled abroad. Each of them is excelling in their own respective fields. Jenisa is settled in London, while Jaison is in Australia and Reagan is in America.

The tiatr, 'Mutt Bhor Mati' is Comedian Sally’s monsoon production
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Back home, Peter is diagnosed with a brain tumour and his wife does not know how to handle the tense situation. The physician (Mario), who comes in with all the medical reports, consoles Gracy. He informs her that the ailment can be treated, but the costs will soar.

Without any further delay, Gracy calls up her son, Reagan, to check if he could be of any help. But, he informs his mom that he is preoccupied with his job.

A scene from the tiatr, 'Mutt Bhor Mati
A scene from the tiatr, 'Mutt Bhor MatiMario Pires

Meanwhile, their only daughter, Jenisa, makes an unexpected entry home from the UK. Gracy finds relief and quite naturally expects monetary help. Generous that she is, Jenisa shows all willingness to help her father.

But, when she calls her husband abroad, things turn just the opposite.

After a while, Jaison returns home with his wife Viona (Antonette de Maina). Gracy turns towards her son to seek timely assistance for her husband. Check out what game Jaison plays in order to get his wife home. Will Viona be generous enough to support her husband in order to provide timely treatment for her father-in-law?


In the first half of the drama, the curtains come down with the scene in the cemetery. The burial of Peter is witnessed there with the rest of the family members.

After watching that scene in the first half, the spectators wonder what will follow next in the second half. There’s a lot more to be witnessed in the second half, especially with regards to sharing of ancestral property.

The tiatr, 'Mutt Bhor Mati' is Comedian Sally’s monsoon production
The tiatr, 'Mutt Bhor Mati' is Comedian Sally’s monsoon productionMario Pires

As elders, Pascoal and Roma have played a befitting role. They receive support from Joylita, Franky Gonsalves, Jr Reagan and Antonette de Maina. As a family doctor, Mario comes in and plays his part with confidence.

In the tiatr, Mutt Bhor Mati, there are six comedians coming together to entertain. Comedian Sally has with him comedian Dominic, Richard, Semenca, Rizton and Myron and each of them has good comedy pills.

The tiatr, 'Mutt Bhor Mati' is Comedian Sally’s monsoon production
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Jr Reagan steps on stage for the opening song in the section of songs. He is followed by solos from Joylita, Pascoal Rodrigues, Lawry Travasso, Saby de Divar, Joane (child artiste) and Myron.

There are also songs from Saby de Divar and Dominic, Lawry and Joylita. As before, for his political song, Saby de Divar receives applause from the audience.

Among all the renditions, a trio and quartet went amiss in the drama. If they were included, it would have been a complete entertainer.

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