This book, launched at GALF 2022, gives a peek into the after-life

Hema Sood talks about her latest literary offering, 'Karmic Cords'
Author Hemma Myers Sood's latest book is Karmic Cords
Author Hemma Myers Sood's latest book is Karmic CordsGomantak Times

Hema Sood, author of several books, writing under the pen name, Hemma Myers Sood, launched her tenth book, titled Sacred Cords, at the Goa Art & Lit Fest (GALF) 2022, which metamorphosed from her sixth book, Karmic Cords.

It is a poignant narrative of the personal loss of her only sibling, Hitesh (Warren to people in the US), revealing enlightening insights into the mysticism of afterlife. “It will enhance perceptions of your endless spiritual quest, of a journey involving countless lifetimes over millennia,” she said. 

Author Hemma Myers Sood's latest book is Karmic Cords
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Hitesh, lived in St Jose, USA, and passed away suddenly, on the evening of October 22, 2014 (23rd morning for us, in India,) aged 54. It was Diwali, they had celebrated with a puja and festivities; the news left them distraught.

Writing has always been Hema’s passion. It encompasses reminiscing their childhood in Bangalore, how he encouraged and guided her and diverted her to writing on different subjects like historical fiction, clairvoyance and intrigue, interwoven with murder mysteries.

Hema constantly thought about Hitesh, grieving, unable to come to terms as e-mails and condolence messages flowed in from his friends and associates.

Author Hemma Myers Sood's latest book is Karmic Cords
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Quoting excerpts from the book: “Six days after Hitesh passed away, on 29th October, I could not sleep and decided to read, and heard a whisper ‘Hello from heaven,’ said a familiar voice. I picked up a pen and began to write, “I’m so glad to reach out to you. I’m presently in a very strange place, there’s a blue light surrounding me and also a beautiful lilac colour emaciating from me. There’s not much I can understand; there was so much unfinished work I was not able to complete, and will contact you when I can comprehend this strange world.”

Author Hemma Myers Sood's latest book is Karmic Cords
Author Hemma Myers Sood's latest book is Karmic CordsGomantak Times


The funeral was on the 31st, and at 7.55 pm, she felt Hitesh was trying to contact her. He said, he could see the family grieving, he could see his body lying still and had tried to re-enter his physical body, and regain consciousness.

He saw mistakes, he made, focusing only on work and gaining weight, and his obesity was a burden “my physical body will be consigned to flames. As I watch helplessly, your grief is swamping me and sending me into a dark stupor.”

Author Hemma Myers Sood's latest book is Karmic Cords
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We, neither, create the miracle of birth, nor can stall the inevitably of death.

Each of us has taken birth to fulfill his/her life purpose. Do not be suffused in grief and sorrows for life is a continuous series of challenges to be accosted with resilience, seek enlightenment and redirect the celestial energies and blessing that you imbibe on your spiritual journey over lifetimes, she affirms.

Author Hemma Myers Sood's latest book is Karmic Cords
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A friend introduced Hema to a psychic medium, Sohrab, a spiritual guide from Mumbai, who said “grieving is a natural and healthy process which allows you to express your loss; it’s not good if these emotions are suppressed. When enlightened souls say don’t grieve, it truly means don’t rant and rave. There is no point in unhealthy grief, because energetically, you are holding the soul back”.

An enlightened Swamiji, Sri Shuddaanandaji from Calcutta visited Hema in Goa, guiding her and her parents through Japa and meditation, via facebook, and with the help of Sri Satya Sai Baba, brought sanity to their lives.

Over several interspersed channelling sessions, Hitesh advised her to pray and chant, and guides her how to proceed with her writing and publishing. 

Author Hemma Myers Sood's latest book is Karmic Cords
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Reminiscing her childhood, she realized that Hitesh always spoke about becoming a millionaire by age 40 and then sitting back and enjoying life. He never spoke about getting old.

“My congestive thoughts wondered about which aspect of our inner self comes forward at the moment of death. Did Hitesh know he’d never visit India again as he did every year. When did the guides and angels inform him? Did he ask for more time, or trust the angels’ judgment and chose to exit?” she wonders.

Author Hemma Myers Sood's latest book is Karmic Cords
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Frankly many are not even aware of the universal truths of the spiritual realms! Psychic mediums, healers, clairvoyants, spiritual teachers can assist in connecting to the vibrations of the inner frequency upon diverse aspects of your mystical souls.

As she began to heal, she began to comprehend the eternal connection of one soul to another. “It gives me a deep sense of reassurance, a surreal blessing of calm, slowly erasing my fears and grief. This book has blossomed in the depths of my heart and strives to fill the pain of losing my sibling,” she explains.

Author Hemma Myers Sood's latest book is Karmic Cords
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An Akashic Record reader and trainer, reiki grandmaster, crystal deviation access bars and ho'oponopono practitioner, among other disciplines, for over 12 years, Hema has extended mystical guidance to clients.

If you are a believer in the occult, this book will awaken the spiritual forces. For those who don’t, it would sound like fiction, but may help to create a subtle space in your auric sheaths.

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