This latest Konkani film has a good dose of lies

A love triangle, loads of tension and lots of laughter is what you will get from ‘Fotting No. 1’, the latest Konkani film from Joywin Fernandes
 A scene from Joywin Fernandes' ‘Fotting No. 1’
A scene from Joywin Fernandes' ‘Fotting No. 1’PIC COURTESY: Mario Pires

Under the banner of ‘Vaibhav Productions’, Joywin Fernandes’ new Konkani film Fotting No. 1 carries different shades of life, with the prime focus on matrimony and extra-marital relations.

It is rightly said that when you think of telling a lie, you must think of a hundred lies to save your skin. But, at the end, you can land in deep trouble, messing your life and the lives of others as well.

Konkani film Fotting No. 1 revolves around a professional photographer, Sunny (Brijesh Kakodkar), working for a private firm. When his boss (Prince Jacob) assigns him a new task of interviewing a film director and that, too, a female, Sunny is all excited.

 A scene from Joywin Fernandes' ‘Fotting No. 1’
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On the assigned date, Sunny steps out from his workplace and meets Lyra (Kerryann) and he falls in love with her. It’s love at first sight. But, back home, Sunny has his wife Sonika (Sonika), who also works for a private firm.

Sonika’s immediate manager (Pradeep Naik) is content with the functioning of his staff, including Sonika. Her dedication at work prompts him to reward her with a promotion, but Sonika declines, providing a personal excuse.

Besides staying committed to his wife at home, Sunny wishes to also enjoy life to the fullest with Lyra. But, for how long will this love triangle last? Can there be an escape route through lies?

‘Fotting No. 1’ is the latest Konkani film from Joywin Fernandes
‘Fotting No. 1’ is the latest Konkani film from Joywin FernandesGomantak Times

There are several occasions when Sunny literally falls into a trap and it appears that there could be no salvation. But, he finds all possible excuses that will save him from drowning in the deep sea of love.

When laid in a trap, Sunny’s boss is there to provide him with a dose of advice. There’s also his close aide Sahil (Rajdeep Naik), a mechanic by profession, who guides him, but with the sole intention of winning a monetary benefit.


Fotting No. 1 has moments of laughter and flashes of tension. The actors on the big screen have given a fine performance.

Brijesh Kakodkar, Kerryann Albuquerque and Sonika stand out in the lead roles, while Rajdeep Naik, Pradeep Naik, Paresh Parab, Prince Jacob, comedian Agostinho, Luis Bachan, Selvy, Roseferns and Bond Braganza extend good support to the main cast.

The producer of the film, Uday Salkar is projected as the ‘don’ and father of Lyra and he has two bodyguards, namely comedians Selvy and Agostinho. But, Uday falls short of stern dialogue delivery, in support of his character.

Other prominent comedians of the Konkani stage make a cameo on the screen, which appeared to be more of an exaggeration. At the wedding scene, was their presence required or was it a technique to draw audience?

The scenic locations in Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, Bangkok and Goa are eye-catching and worth viewing on the giant screen. Some of the songs rendered by playback singers Aurville, Acacio, Elaine Pinto, Elick Vaz and Shunaina have foot-tapping music.

Joywin Fernandes has won accolades, including prizes for his previous Konkani films. And this time around, he has handled the script and direction, including cinematography and editing, quite professionally. A must-watch film for those who enjoy a good laugh.

 A scene from Joywin Fernandes' ‘Fotting No. 1’
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