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Destress with an art therapy workshop and feast your eyes on the stunning workmanship at an exhibition of beautiful handmade crafts
Art Therapy Workshop and Craftworks 4.0
Art Therapy Workshop and Craftworks 4.0Gomantak Times


By Perin Ilavia

Carpe Diem Art Centre, Majorda, is organising ‘An Introductory Talk on Art Therapy’ on Sept 10, 2023. Educator and Art Therapist, Poonam Augustine will conduct the session.

Art therapy is a medium of expression, whose primary objective is to alleviate stress, and boost self-esteem while dealing with mental, emotional and social issues. Through therapy sessions using art, individuals are guided to communicate and elucidate thoughts and emotions of particular traumatic experiences that are challenging to verbalise.

Art Therapy Workshop and Craftworks 4.0
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About Poonam Augustine

Poonam Bedi Augustine, started her 28-year career in advertising, as a Creative Director with J Walter Thomson. However, her passion for teaching led to the academic field, and she did a course of specialised training in Art Therapy from the British Association of Art Therapists, UK, with an emphasis on a holistic approach.

Poonam has conducted workshops for various companies and has worked with International School, Kunskapsskolan (a Swedish school) and Paras International in Gurgaon. She’s a pioneer in the field of focusing on diverse art forms, curriculum development lessons and planning students’ evaluations.

Her clients can use any art materials like paint, clay, pastels, either have a private session or group session, making art and talking alongside. It’s non-regimental. These one-and-half hour sessions begin with her introducing herself, and then guiding participants to the structure of the sessions.

“It’s not about aesthetically pleasing artwork. The focus is on psychological benefits, the sessions are conducted in a supportive and confidential environment while exploring their feelings and thoughts through art,” says Poonam.

Poonam explains that, as an art therapist, she interprets the art work through the use of colour, strokes and subject matter, and helps clients gain insight into their conflicts, and attain deeper self-sense, by approaching a councillor and it becomes a one-on-one session. Kids with autism, severe depression, young and older adults with various issues have benefited through the therapy.

WHERE: Carpe Diem Art Centre, Majorda

WHEN: Sunday, Sept 10, 2023

TIMINGS: 5 pm to 6 pm


CONTACT: +91 88888 62462

Art Therapy Workshop and Craftworks 4.0
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By Arti Das

With the festive season around the corner, it’s the perfect time to indulge in some shopping. And, one of the best ways to do that is by exploring local exhibitions. Here, we get a chance to see and understand the local talent and some amazing home grown products which are best suited to our needs.

Craftworks 4.0 is one such exhibition which brings forth the talent of 28 participants showcasing their skills in various crafts. It has been curated and hosted by Monica Dalvi and Aira Mirchandani.

Art Therapy Workshop and Craftworks 4.0
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This Time Around

This is the fourth edition of Craftworks, since the first one was held in November 2018.

This edition has a very eclectic range of products – garments, hair accessories, jewellery, bags, home decor, linen, fragrant candles, paper products, handmade paper floral arrangements, postcards, body care products, lamps and toys. Every product at the event has been handcrafted by locals.

“This exhibition gives a platform for the locals, especially the new ones, to showcase their talent,” says Mirchandani.

The other highlight will be to experience and see products created using the following thread craft techniques – crochet, tatting, knitting, tricot (5 needle knitting) and hand embroidery.

New items include crochet garments, stoles and bags, bead jewellery, metal wire jewellery, succulent plant arrangements, lamps, different styles of bags and home improvement articles made of fabric, wood and resin trays and coasters.

WHERE: Art gallery, Maquinez Palace, Old GMC complex, Panjim

WHEN: Sunday, Sept 10, 2023

TIMINGS: 11 am to pm


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