A green slice of paradise called Goa!
A green slice of paradise called Goa! Gomantak Times

Don’t know what to do in Goa during the monsoons?

In the rainy season, the beach version of Goa takes a backseat while the green makeover takes over

Goa, the place that has proven to be #beyondbeaches has so much to offer. Be it to its well-deserving natives or its monthly visitors, Goa is a banquet table that has a seat for all. While the locals know their way around home, most times a visitor needs a hand to navigate smoothly. 

If you are a nature buff and have decided to make your way to Goa during the fresh, green season of the monsoons, but are now stuck with a confusing itinerary, then lucky you! Because here is your local guide to experiencing the Goan rains in the best way possible.

Let’s swim through 5 things that you might love to do if you are in Goa during the monsoons.  

Wat-er beautiful sight!
Wat-er beautiful sight! Photo: Rohan Fernandes

Chasing waterfalls

The feeling of a spray of water settling on your face when you are at a waterfall is one that you wish will never end. Some of the Goan waterfalls that you can visit during the monsoons are Bhupar Waterfall, Savri Waterfall and Kuskem Waterfall.

Keeping this in mind, be warned that waterfalls can be extremely dangerous, especially during the rains. So, being careful when you are around any water bodies is something that you must adhere to.

The lush greenery all around in the rains is exhilarating.
The lush greenery all around in the rains is exhilarating. Photo: Rohan Fernandes

Lush drives

Long drives are known to be therapeutic, but long drives during the rains? Now that’s what we’re talking about!

Take a scenic drive and admire all the lush greenery that comes alive during the monsoons. After all, the colour green is known to be relaxing and refreshing for the mind. 

Name something better than a sea-facing room, we'll wait!
Name something better than a sea-facing room, we'll wait! Photo: Katia Goes

Goan staycations 

If you are one of those people who are not particularly fond of the rain, we assure you that there are still ways to enjoy the Goan hospitality while you are here.

Why not book a comfortable sea facing room and have a relaxing staycation at one of the many hotels and homestays in Goa? Spend the day with breakfast in bed, a spa day and the perfect rainy views, right from the comfort of your hotel room!

Trekking in Goa promises fulfilling views.
Trekking in Goa promises fulfilling views. Photo: Rohan Fernandes

Trekking uphill

Trekking is an adventure sport that is loved by many, and Goa just happens to be one of the many spots that is great for trekking.

So, grab your trekking gear and disappear into the hills to witness some of the most breathtaking Goan views. 

Leap into wells during the feast of São João.
Leap into wells during the feast of São João. Photo: Rohan Fernandes

Local festivals 

The monsoons are known to be auspicious for various reasons. And thus have so many feasts and festivals associated with them.

Your trip to Goa will feel incomplete without attending local feasts and festivals like São JoãoBonderam and Chikal Kalo to name a few, and of course, celebrating in Goa, the Goan way! 

A green slice of paradise called Goa!
Goa's monsoon feasts in a nutshell

Vacations will come and go, but memories last forever! Having said that, let us keep in mind that with great fun, comes a greater responsibility of being a sensible tourist every time you are on holiday.

So, book those tickets, charge that camera and pack accordingly, because Goa is one place where activities and fun are everlasting.

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