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This July, try out these off-beat activities in Goa
Monsoons are a time to reinvigorate yourself.
Monsoons are a time to reinvigorate yourself.Gomantak Times

If there is one thing that almost everyone will agree to, it is the fact that Goa is always beautiful throughout the year. No matter what season you decide to visit, there is always something to do. 

If summers are all about the beaches and winters mostly about other celebrations, then the monsoons are a time to reinvigorate yourself. Well, there is a lot you can do during the monsoon season.  

Monsoons are a time to reinvigorate yourself.
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That's when you feel the abundance of nature. The streets are empty, and the focus moves to the hinterlands which offer the coolness the summer robs us of.

So, if you are done with your cocktail and party hangovers, take the roads less travelled and head to the interiors where nature’s beauty awaits! Since we are already in the thick of the monsoon season, here are some things you can try out on your Goa trip this July. 

Long drives are always therapeutic
Long drives are always therapeuticPhoto: Rohan Fernandes


Long drives are always considered therapeutic and adding the rains to these automatically adds a side of lush greenery. Goa is known to have a number of Ghats that you can drive on and feel the same chill you feel in winter.

While driving up a ghat can be challenging with all the winding roads and the risk of slipping, the beautiful waterfalls, big or small, on the sides of the road are sure to help you rejuvenate your inner batteries. In fact, the drive to your chosen destination up on the ghat will be certainly as stunning as the destination itself.

Explore the trails of the wildlife sanctuaries
Explore the trails of the wildlife sanctuariesPhoto: Rohan Fernandes


When it comes to wildlife sanctuaries in Goa, the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park are considered to be hotspots of amazing biodiversity in the Western Ghats. Both of these are said to be home to a number of endemic species.

There are many trails that you can explore in these interesting wildlife sanctuaries. Don’t worry, because assistance to guide and help you spot the many species on these trails will be available. You can also spot endemic birds like Malabar Pied Hornbills, Sri Lankan Frogmouth, Flame-Throated Bulbuls, Vernal Hanging Parrots and many more. Create an adventure of your own by exploring the wildlife in Goa this monsoon trip.  

Feel the adrenaline rush
Feel the adrenaline rush


If you want to feel the adrenaline rush, then it's time to add a bit of adventure to your life. One of the best ways to feel the adventure and adrenaline rush is to go white water rafting. So, add this to your itinerary and head to Valpoi in North Goa until you see the rapid waters of river Mhadei.

Valpoi is the best and only place in Goa to ride the waters and enjoy a unique white water rafting experience. The rafting allows you to enjoy some of the most stunning views of the Mhadei forest in the area. So, grab your adventure suit and head straight to Valpoi! 

Visit the unexplored regions of Goa
Visit the unexplored regions of GoaPhoto: Rohan Fernandes


There is so much that you can explore during the monsoon in this small state. And, the best thing to do is to gather your friends, hop onto your bike and ride through the villages of Goa.

The best thing you can do is visit the unexplored regions of Goa - a utopia that only a few get to experience. A friendly suggestion: to find unknown places once you in a village, mingle with locals as Google search will be of not much help. So do this, one village at a time. 

A must-try during the monsoons is the street-style roasted corn.
A must-try during the monsoons is the street-style roasted corn.Photo: Rohan Fernandes


There are a number of things you can do during the monsoon season and since you have already made it to the end of this article, I’m sure you are all famished! So, don’t forget to relish some of the local monsoon delicacies. A few that you should try are some hot pakodas, roasted corn, momos and samosas and don’t forget to pair them with some piping hot chai (tea). 

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