Goa tiatr review: ‘Ger’rak Nhoi ...’ spotlights the decline of family values

The thought-provoking tiatr is the latest from Francis de Tuem
A scene from the tiatr, 'Ger’rak Nhoi Vor’rak Melo'.
A scene from the tiatr, 'Ger’rak Nhoi Vor’rak Melo'.Photo: Gomantak Times

After touching sensitive subjects pertaining to Goa and Goans, Francis de Tuem’s 9th production, Ger’rak Nhoi Vor’rak Melo, sheds light on the degrading family values in today’s materialistic society.

It serves as a warning to parents who recklessly splurge money and materialistic goods on their school and college going children.

A scene from the tiatr, 'Ger’rak Nhoi Vor’rak Melo'.
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The tiatr revolves around a senior citizen (Ulhas Tari) and his son Tony (Concy), who is a successful businessman. Tony is blessed with a spouse Alzira (Rosy Alvares), who is a housewife.

The couple has three children – Bruno (Francisco), Reena (Princey), who are pursuing their studies in college and Francis (Roniber), who is studying in high school.

Tony and Alzira have the bad habit of satisfying all the materialistic desires of their children.

'Ger’rak Nhoi Vor’rak Melo' is the latest tiatr from Francis de Tuem.
'Ger’rak Nhoi Vor’rak Melo' is the latest tiatr from Francis de Tuem.Photo: Mario Pires

However, the senior citizen in the family continuously warns his son and daughter-in-law, including his grandchildren, about their wrongdoings. He does not hesitate to step back, but strikes as and when needed.

As days pass by, Tony fails to understand the gravity of the situation. While he could not enjoy life to the fullest with the latest accessories, he believes that his children should not be deprived of this.

He goes out of his way and offers Bruno and Reena credit cards so that life can become easy for them.

A scene from the tiatr, 'Ger’rak Nhoi Vor’rak Melo'.
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After Francis completes high school, as promised by his mom, he gets a new bike. He takes her for a ride, meets with an accident and passes away. His mother is left disabled for life.

Bruno turns into a drug addict, while Reena gets into the flesh trade.

Will Tony’s father’s cry to rectify the wrong fall on deaf ears? Or, will it be a cry in the wilderness?

Catch some fine performances in the tiatr, 'Ger’rak Nhoi Vor’rak Melo'.
Catch some fine performances in the tiatr, 'Ger’rak Nhoi Vor’rak Melo'.Photo: Mario Pires

There are some guardians who are ready to offer costly gifts to their offspring in order to gain status in the society. And, they also fail to instil the required discipline and family values.

The director has touched a very relevant and meaningful subject which is prevalent in today’s society where the family and society are losing values, and are blinded by wealth and money. Will fake social status lead the families to a safe destination?


Concy, son of the late Souza Boy, and Rosy Alvares give their best as guardians, while Francisco, Princey and Roniber do well as siblings.

Ulhas Tari, as the senior citizen and watchdog, stands tall. Olga, in the prostitutes’ den, and Rosario de Benaulim at the birthday bash add colour to the show.

Comedian Nato along with Zuzu (Rizton), Fiona and Rosario de Benaulim create a laughter riot on stage. The audience also gets to enjoy some magic tricks from Nato.

A scene from the tiatr, 'Ger’rak Nhoi Vor’rak Melo'.
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For some good songs, there’s Peter de Arambol with the opening song. Other solos from Rosy Alvares, Francis de Tuem, Amresh Kamat, Rosario de Benaulim are entertaining.

There are songs by Francisco and Peter de Arambol; Olga, Rosario de Benaulim and Francisco; and Francis de Tuem, Nato, Rizton, Fiona and Rosario de Benaulim.

Songs by Francis de Tuem, Olga and another song by Francis de Tuem, Olga and Rizton receive encores. Alex and his musical team of Yeselon (trumpet), Benny (keyboard), Josh (bass), Tremson (drums) have provided good live music offstage.

Anthony de Ambaji handles the stage sets, while Jaison takes care of the lights.

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