5 locations to rejuvenate in Valpoi this summer

Head to these well-known spots where you can beat the heat and spend some quality time
Places to see in Valpoi
Places to see in ValpoiPhoto: Roxanne D'silva

In North Goa lies the city of Valpoi, the headquarters of Sattari taluka. Valpoi has picturesque surroundings filled with green hills and dense forests. The city gets its name from two words, namely "val" which means "river" and "poi" which means "the other side".

The name sounds distinctively refreshing, considering how hot the weather is this year in Goa.

Here are a few locations where you can relax and regenerate from this scorching heat:

Places to see in Valpoi
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1.       Monvancho goonno (honey stone) in Sonal village

This tranquil location is found in Sonal village which is around 10 kilometres from Valpoi town. This river has water throughout the year. However, during the monsoon, the level of water increases. Every Sunday, you will find locals from around the region coming for a picnic or a bath in the river.

There is ample area to sit under the lush trees to enjoy a pleasant picnic.  Also, there is enough parking space for cars with enough room to reverse your vehicle as well. But you do need to watch out for sandy spots which can cause your tyres to lose grip of the surface and sink.

Caution: There are huge rocks, and it is advised not to dive into the river to avoid any casualties or drowning.

Places to see in Valpoi
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2.       Nanado River in Sattari

This pleasant riverside location is at a distance of 11 kilometres from Valpoi town. This river is a tributary of the Mhadei river that runs along the Nanoda cricket ground, where on most Sundays the local youth organise cricket matches.

Throughout the year the river has water running, so at any point of the year you can take a dip, a much desired activity during the summer to beat the heat. Although the river may not have water gushing like in the monsoon, it is still enjoyable.

This location is excellent for a swim or to have a picnic. There are trees plentiful to save you from the distressing heat. Ample parking also allows you to reverse your vehicle without any hassle of getting stuck.

Caution: Diving is not advisable owing to the huge rocks in the river.

Places to see in Valpoi
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3.  Hedode River

This serene locale is situated around 7 kilometres from Valpoi city via Nagargao Road. The Hedode river is best visited during the monsoon, but with this drastic weather change, any water body is refreshing and exciting.

This river may not have a gushing flow of water during this time of the year, but it will not disappoint you. The route to get to this river is slightly on the narrow side, but the journey is pleasant right up to the river. There are trees on both sides which creates a delightful tree-tunnel effect.

Since the road is slightly narrow, it is advised to visit the place with a two-wheeler rather than a car. Vehicles can be parked near the river. There is a lovely pavilion where you can sit and enjoy the scenic river.

Caution: Do not dive recklessly into the water since there are huge boulders.

Places to see in Valpoi
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All those visiting these treasures should respect the space and ensure not to misuse the location or litter it. Keep the place clean!

So, after all the roaming and basking in the heat, I’m sure you will have built up an appetite. If not, for sure you’re going to be parched. Here are two local restaurants located in the heart of Valpoi city where you can satisfy your hunger and thirst without burning a hole in your pocket.

Places to see in Valpoi
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4. Amol restaurant

This little restaurant is located right beside the Our Lady of Lourdes Church on the roadside. The bar and restaurant is famous for Goan fish thali and fried fish. During the evenings, you will find men chilling and having a chat at the bar. You can be sure to get your hands on some good, fresh urrak and feni. The Goan fish thali is a must-try and costs just Rs 100.


WHERE: Near Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Valpoi

WHEN: Every day except Sunday

TIMINGS: 12 pm-2.30 pm & 7 pm-10 pm

Places to see in Valpoi
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5. Earthen Pot Restaurant

This restaurant is located slightly off the main Valpoi road. Nestled in Sayed Nagar, Earthen Pot is a multi-cuisine restaurant. It has shady green trees around it to shelter you from the heat. The fish thali here and its Chinese food are recommended. The cost of a regular fish thali is around Rs 180.


WHERE: Earthen Pot Restaurant, Syed Nagar, Valpoi

WHEN: Every day

TIMINGS: 11.30 am-3 pm & 7 pm-10.45 pm

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