Visit Siridao for its sunsets and solitude

This village, which is 11 kms away from Panjim, is Goa's hidden gem
Beautiful coastal village of Siridao
Beautiful coastal village of Siridao Gomantak Times

This beautiful coastal village of Siridao is situated around 11 kms from Panjim and 26 kms from Margao. Since Goa is stretched along the costal belt, it has many magnificent beaches and one of these is Siridao, aka Xiddona or Shiridon beach, in Tiswadi taluka. Everything about Siridao is quiet and tranquil.

So, when you decide to visit Siridao, there is lots more you can do. Here are some locations you will definitely love to visit.

Catch an astounding sunset.
Catch an astounding sunset.Photo: Roxanne D'silva

1. Sunset point

This spot is the perfect location to catch an astounding sunset. The view offered by this spot is breathtaking as you enjoy it while sitting on a retaining wall. The breeze and the view are all yours for the taking. It’s like a painting created by God where the sky is painted in shades of blue, red, orange and pink.

The Jesus of Nazareth chapel
The Jesus of Nazareth chapelPhoto: Rohan Fernandes

2. Siridao chapel

A must-visit here, not because of anything, but the most spectacular view from its precincts. Also known as Jesus of Nazareth chapel, this religious shrine is located on a hilltop overlooking the majestic sea.

It is hard to miss out this chapel as its white and blue paint gives it a glamorous architectural hue. It appears more like a synagogue from far. The interiors of the chapel are well-maintained and neat.

Beautiful coastal village of Siridao
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It is surrounded with green trees and a calm environment. One of the famous feasts celebrated at this chapel is the feast of the Annunciation, commonly known as the feast of Jesus of Nazareth.

However, villagers have stopped access to the chapel, and it is now open only during festive or any other important occasion.

Siridao beach is known for its peace and quiet.
Siridao beach is known for its peace and quiet. Photo: Rohan Fernandes

3. Siridao beach

This beach is mostly visited by locals from around and is around 8 kms from Panjim city. What draws visitors here is its peace and quiet. One can enjoy a nice walk on the beach or take his/her pet to enjoy the sea.

The beach is well known for its seashells as you will find a variety of them as you walk the shore.

There are a few trees at one end of the beach where you can park your vehicle. Picnickers find this place convenient to park their vehicles. So, the next time you are at Siridao make sure you visit the beach.

Beautiful coastal village of Siridao
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All the travelling, watching the sunset and walking on the beach will definitely leave you hungry and build an appetite for eating something. How about some Goan cuisine. Well, we have two options for you, check them out.

Sea Shells restaurant famous for Goan cuisine.
Sea Shells restaurant famous for Goan cuisine.Photo: Roxanne D'silva

4. Sea Shells

This restaurant, which kisses the waves of the Arabian sea and is located on the main internal road, is hard to miss. The exterior of the restaurant can deceive you, but don't judge. As you enter, the interiors will welcome you and the sea breeze will not make you leave the place till you finish a full meal with a couple of beers.

The deco of the place is all done with shells found on the Siridao beach itself and the ornaments kept at the entrance really make it a nice photo corner.

The restaurant is known for its Goan cuisine and the desserts. A must-try is the chocolate cheesecake, which looks like a brownie and tastes like a cheesecake.

Beautiful coastal village of Siridao
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WHERE: House No 205, Firgueachem Bhat, Siridao

WHEN: Everyday, except Monday

TIMINGS: 11 am-5 pm & 7 pm-11 pm

La Bamba a multi-cuisine restaurant.
La Bamba a multi-cuisine restaurant.Photo: Rohan Fernandes

5. Bambolim Beach Resort

The Bambolim Beach Resort has a restaurant called the La Bamba which serves multi-cuisine fare. This restaurant has a shack vibe and is bang on the beach and the interiors are done tastefully.

You can sit back and enjoy a sumptous breakfast or dinner at the restaurant. So sit back, chill and sip on that mojito while you enjoy the sun set throwing the sky into a hue of colours.

Beautiful coastal village of Siridao
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WHERE: Bambolim Beach Resort, Bambolim Beach.

WHEN: Everyday

TIMINGS: 24 hours

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