These 5 treks make Goa so awesome during the monsoons!

Holidaying in Goa gets an entirely different vibe through monsoon treks
5 trekking groups that you can join in this monsoon
5 trekking groups that you can join in this monsoonGomantak Times

Goa, the small state in India, which is best known for its beaches and parties, has another side to it when the monsoon strikes!

Goa receives a lot of national and international tourists all year round. But, the onset of the rainy season brings in tourists who enjoy exploring the state through monsoon activities. And, what better way to explore Goa in the monsoon than through trekking?

Here are our suggestions for 5 trekking groups in Goa that you could join if you love the great outdoors.

Experience ocean treks with Adventure breaks
Experience ocean treks with Adventure breaksPhoto: Adventure breaks


What makes Adventure Breaks different from the others? It is probably the only group or company that offers ocean treks. These are treks that are conducted along the coastal belt.

Adventure Breaks, founded by Kim Sabir, has been conducting treks for around 10 years. These treks are conducted regularly, all throughout the year, with participants in the age group of 4 to 90 years.

Looking for adventure, then join Adventure breaks group.
Looking for adventure, then join Adventure breaks group. Photo: Adventure Breaks

How does Adventure Breaks select routes for its treks? Says Kim, “It’s a continuous process to find new locations in wilderness areas.” While the organisation also conducts overnight treks, these do not take place in Goa.

Adventure Breaks has had many satisfied customers over the years. Neil Desouza, is one of many individuals who has been on a trek with Adventure Breaks, and says that he had an amazing experience, and the instructors were well coordinated and attentive to detail.

Another participant said that he had an enjoyable experience, and added that the instructors were knowledgeable, shared valuable information, do’s and don’ts, and more; in short, he says that the entire trek was well organised.

So, if you’re looking for some adventure, then Adventure Breaks is your go-to group.

Wildtrek conducts day treks every Sunday
Wildtrek conducts day treks every SundayPhoto: Dr Prithvi Amonkar

2. WILDTREK GOA by Dr Prithvi Amonkar

Wildtrek Goa was founded by Dr Prithvi Amonkar around 23 years ago and has been conducting treks ever since.

Dr Amonkar explains that Wildtrek Goa generally conducts day treks to waterfalls, water bodies or check dams. Those who are interested should note that these treks happen every Sunday.

What makes Wildtrek Goa different is that they curate itineraries for tourists and hinterland visitors to specific location that they wish to explore. These treks are conducted on week days so that they don’t affect the Sunday treks.

Wildtrek Goa offers new locations for all their treks.
Wildtrek Goa offers new locations for all their treks. Photo: Dr Prithvi Amonkar

Apart from that, Wildtrek also conducts an out-of-Goa trip to Pune. This 3-day event is held once a month.  

Says Dr Amonkar about the experience that Wildtrek Goa offers, “You stand a chance to interact with various individuals who enjoy trekking and are open-minded to learning along the way.”

He ensures that the location is different every time. Along with the new location, there is also a new menu so that participants do not get bored, and neither do their taste buds.

5 trekking groups that you can join in this monsoon
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The age groups that join in on these treks are hikers as young as 5 years ranging all the way to 60 years of age. He adds that the treks are to open to all who wish to enjoy nature and the great outdoors.

So, those of you, who are looking for a day trek, Wildtrek Goa is the group to join.

Offtrail Adventures offers treks for all fitness levels
Offtrail Adventures offers treks for all fitness levelsPhoto: Off trail adventures


Step out and enjoy an outdoor experience with OffTrail Adventures, which was founded by Bianca Dias. She has been conducting off-trail treks for the last 15 years and counting.

Asked what makes OffTrail Adventures different, Bianca says, “We conduct hill treks, coastal treks and beach treks. These treks range from easy to moderate to difficult.” And, that simply means there’s something for everyone, from newbies to professionals.

5 trekking groups that you can join in this monsoon
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OffTrail Adventures offers treks for all fitness levels, and the treks are open to everyone, with no age bar, depending only on the willingness of an individual to walk and be fit, explains Bianca.

She conducts treks almost every alternate Sunday during the monsoons, and twice a month post the monsoons till January/February.

How does Bianca select locations for the treks? “It all depends on the weather. The trek is organised based on that,” she adds.

So, those of you who love the outdoors, and are seeking a challenge, then OffTrail Adventures is the group you should consider.

Trekking is all about enjoying the outdoors
Trekking is all about enjoying the outdoorsPhoto: Durgadas Parab

4. ECO TREKS by Durgadas Parab

Trekking is all about enjoying the outdoors. And, what’s the best way to enjoy it?  Be a part of a fun eco trek group.

Eco Treks was founded by Durgadas Parab back in 2008. Since then, he has been conducting treks in Goa, which cover a variety of terrain and include hill stations, waterfalls and fountains.

What sort of experience can one can get on these treks? “The thrill of adventure!” says Parab.

5 trekking groups that you can join in this monsoon
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He conducts a monthly trek, which sees participation from a mix of youngsters as well as seniors. Before embarking on the treks, the organisers inform the participants about the terrain of the trek and fitness levels required to complete it, so that participants can be adequately prepared.

What makes Eco Treks unique is the overnight treks that they conduct – visiting the neighbouring states of Maharashtra and Karnataka, not forgetting the fascinating full moon night beach walk which they also organise.

5 trekking groups that you can join in this monsoon
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How are the locations chosen? Parab explains that the first and the most important factor is the safety of the trekkers. If there are any risk factors involved, he ensures that these are dealt with so that there are no roadblocks during the trekking experience.

One of a kind overnight camp by ITSIN Experiences Goa
One of a kind overnight camp by ITSIN Experiences GoaPhoto: Rohan Fernandes

5. ITSIN EXPERIENCES GOA by Anthony Rodrigues

Yes, it’s definitely in Goa! This trekking group was founded by Anthony Rodrigues who has been conducting treks for around 5 years.

The group organises adventure treks like waterfall hikes, hilltop hikes, beach and heritage culture trails. The hikes are divided into two categories – open events and private.

5 trekking groups that you can join in this monsoon
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Confused about both? Anthony explains that open events are events which are open for all and organised for the general public which is conducted on weekends. With day hikes generally being conducted and between June- November where as for night hikes/camps are organised every alternate weekend between November end until June.

Experience an offbeat part of life with ITSIN Experiences Goa
Experience an offbeat part of life with ITSIN Experiences GoaPhoto: ITSIN Experiences Goa

On asking Anthony what makes ITSIN Experiences Goa different, he says, “The most loved experiences, according to participants, are the overnight treks and camps since you get to witness the breathtaking sunrise from scenic locations that have just been discovered.”

At ITSIN Experiences Goa, there is no age limit for trekkers. They follow only one motto: As long as the person is able to walk and has the will to, anyone can be a part of the trekking experience.

ITSIN encourages everyone to get a chance to experience an offbeat part of life in Goa. This is a must-try for those who want to catch a sunrise experience at a unique, offbeat location in Goa.

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