The broke visitors' guide to enjoying a Goa trip

Here's what you can do for free if you are visiting Goa on a budget
All the free things you can do in Goa
All the free things you can do in Goa

Travelling to Goa on a tight budget and can't afford to shell out a load of money? If that's what your next trip to Goa is all about, then here are our suggestions to help you make it a budget-friendly, yet memorable one.

There are many places in Goa which you can visit for free (or for an inexpensive fee). However, first, one needs to figure out how to get there on the cheap!

All the free things you can do in Goa
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Hiring a private taxi for 8 hours can cost anywhere between ₹ 3,000 to ₹ 4,000. However, there are state-run taxi apps like Goa Miles, which are said to charge a far lower amount. So, if you are looking for a taxi to get you to your destination, you might want to try out this option.

Keep in mind that Goa does not have apps such as Uber or Ola.

A pilot riding in Goa.
A pilot riding in Goa. Photo: Rohan Fernandes

If you are game for a two-wheeler, you could rent a bike for a day at a starting price of ₹ 400, and travel around Goa.

Or, if you're looking to go the eco-friendly way on your holiday trip, then you can opt for a cycle at roughly ₹ 100 for 5 to 6 hours, which would be your best choice.

So, figure out a budget for your preferred mode of transport. Once that is in place, you can finally begin planning your pocket-friendly itinerary!

All the free things you can do in Goa
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Most of the scenic spots in Goa, don't really have an entry fee. Fortunately, they are absolutely free to visit! So, if you are staying in the northern part of Goa and want to experience these spots, check out Goa's mini Marine Drive.

- Cycling track and walkway in Panjim

Along the shores of the River Mandovi, you will find the cycling track-cum-walkway. It is one of the most relaxing spots in the capital city. You can take a walk or cycle, either, in the morning or evening at sunset. You are sure to find the peace and calm that you were dreaming of when you decided to make your Goa trip.

Cycling track in Panjim, Goa.
Cycling track in Panjim, Goa. Photo: Katia Goes

- Mangrove Park in Panjim

Another zen spot is the Mangrove Park in Panjim. It is located behind the State Central Library, and you can sit there with a book, or just sit and admire the beauty of the surroundings.

- Three Kings Hill in Cansaulim

The Three Kings Hill in Cansaulim is another place that gives breathtaking views; this time, it is views of Cansaulim village. The greenery and nature are sure to please you.

- Cabo De Rama in Canaguinim

Cabo De Rama hill, in the southern end of Goa, is one place that you wouldn't want to miss. The view from the hill, overlooking the sea, is simply stunning. You can sit there for hours and watch the blue hue of the sea change colour, while watching the waves crash on the rocks.

There are many such spots across Goa. If you're someone seeking peace and calm on a budget trip, these places will not disappoint!

Cabo De Rama in South Goa
Cabo De Rama in South GoaPhoto: Rohan Fernandes


Nothing is more free than the beaches of Goa. The beach is one spot that can give you peace while simultaneously allowing you to enjoy yourself on the sand and in the water. As Goa is situated along the coastal belt, the place offers many locations with beautiful white sands and stunning blue seas.

Spend an evening by the beach in Goa.
Spend an evening by the beach in Goa. Photo: Rohan Fernandes

You can spend hours by the beach, simply contemplating on life. Or, just hang out with friends or plan a small family picnic complete with traditional grass mats and a warm, delicious home-cooked meal. But, don't forget to take your trash back home with you when you're done picnicking.

You can also go for a swim, or if you are desperately looking to indulge in watersports, check out the rate cards of the many watersports operators, and then, take a call to see what suits you.

All the free things you can do in Goa
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Goa and Goans love football. In every village in Goa, you will find boys playing football, especially in the evenings, when they will, either, head to the local church grounds, open spaces or the beach.

It is a common sight that one cannot miss in the evenings in Goa. Goa is a land that has given rise to several prominent footballers, who have made the nation proud. Therefore, without a doubt, it can be said that football runs in the blood of the locals.

Children playing football.
Children playing football.Photo: Rohan Fernandes

If you're someone who loves making new friends, then you might want to consider joining one of these soccer matches.

Quite often, there are football tournaments in villages, and these are open to the general public. For details of these, you can check with any village resident, and then, go and watch a match to your heart's content.

All the free things you can do in Goa
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Old Goa is a showcase of several 16th and 17th century churches that are known for their history and unique architectural design. These churches are absolutely stunning, particularly the intricate detailing therein.

One can visit about 7 churches and chapels in Old Goa, namely St Augustine Tower, Basilica of Bom Jesus, Se Cathedral, St Catherine Chapel, Our Lady of Rosary, The Our Lady On The Mount Chapel, etc for free.

These churches are silent witnesses to a slice of Goa's history. And so, you will undoubtedly get a free history tour as you walk through these magnificent white-washed structures in Old Goa, a place which is 10 to 11 km from Panjim, the capital city of Goa.

Churches and Convents of Old Goa.
Churches and Convents of Old Goa. Photo: Rohan Fernandes


There are many local theatres that host tiatrs regularly, especially on weekends. Ticket prices for these tiatrs range from ₹ 20 to ₹ 100. And, for that price, rest assured that you will get sheer entertainment for the next 3 hours.

The only catch here is that these tiatrs are in the local language. So, if you are able to understand the Konkani language, then you will enjoy the storyline and song lyrics. But, even if Konkani is alien to you, you can always check out the tiatrs just for a one-time experience of local theatre.

A scene from a tiatr.
A scene from a tiatr.Gomantak Times

Tiatrs also have 'competitions' regularly, and you can attend one of these and enjoy watching plenty of plays for a nominal fee.

All the free things you can do in Goa
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If your budget permits a little souvenir shopping, you can purchase some local items to take back home. Head for the popular local markets of Goa, such as Margao, Mapusa, Ponda, etc, where a variety of things are available at less-than-regular prices.

In addition to that, there are special weekly markets in various places -- on Mondays, Tuesdays or Fridays -- where loads of local products are available under one roof.

From food to clothes to daily use items, you will find so much for less, at these destinations.

View of the old market in Margao.
View of the old market in Margao. Photo: Rohan Fernandes

These are some of the things you could try in Goa. Plan why you are coming to Goa -- is it a getaway or is it for fun? Accordingly, choose or opt for things that you would like to do.

In fact, budget or no budget, all of the spots listed here are totally worth visiting if you want to get a feel of the real essence of Goa. Make it a point to visit these places which will surely add a little fun element to your Goa trip.

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